[Course Forum] Learn French for Polyglots

I am one of the contributors to this course and am currently working on the Grammar levels. There are some glaring errors, eg on Level 330, Part 48, there is a mix of French and English with combined translations. Specifically, “Comme elle a grandi! How she’s grown!” (on the French side) with a translation of “Que de monde! What a lot of people” (on the English side). I am now changing this and other similar ones, splitting the French from the English and changing the actual French or English as required. This is an ongoing task. Assistance and/or advice from a Francophone with excellent English grammar would be appreciated.


Hi @xenia.i,

As you are now also a Contributor, perhaps you could add your name to the description.

Please could you also post changes you have made here, so @MaxineDownunder and people undertaking this course are aware of changes and improvements.

People might like to look at the No Typing thread which lists many corrections made.

I don’t know if @MaxineDownunder has made the same corrections to both courses, but that might be a good starting point @xenia.i for updating this course.

[Course Forum] Learn French for Polyglot - No Typing - Corrections made

All the best. Bonne chance!

Cc @Olaf.Rabbachin

I don’t know anything about the [[Course Forum] Learn French for Polyglot - No Typing - Corrections made] course. I just made corrections on Levels 1-25 erasing all the periods in the endings. Since missing the period is marked as not correct where the answer you give is not automatically given the green light, I feel we have to either have periods on everything or on none at all. After all who can remember which answers have periods and which don’t

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Hi @xenia6932,
Although I know nothing about this course (I speak Italian) green automatic ought to be only when “strict marking” is ticked (not a usual course of action), so I am surprised it is marked as incorrect.
Sounds as if you have solved a problem.

Normally the answer should be accepted when enter is pressed - this is a better way (I think) to assess if one really knows the answer.

Regarding the “No typing” clone, what I wondered, was if @MaxineDownunder had made corrections in that course you might like to make the same corrections in this course, if they haven’t already been done in parallel.

Actually automatic acception of answers is unrelated to the setting Mark Typing Strictly.

Strict typing courses require all interpunction to be perfect. But you could also add an alternative to the “word” without interpunction, so an answer either with of without interpunction would be accepted.


Hi @DW7 and @xenia.i … I’m belatedly catching up on Forum threads. I’ve taken a random look at Levels 1-25 (in the “No Typing” parallel course) and there are no periods showing so it’s interesting that they were showing in “Learn French for Polyglots”. Of course they may have been there before (in the “No Typing” version) but corrected in the interim. Having said this though I don’t recall having this issue in the past.

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I don’t know anything about the no typing parallel course.

Hi @xenia.i,

If you are interested visit the “No Typing” thread (see link above).

That course is an identical clone of this course (except a different testing method).

So any errors corrected or improvements made to that course ought to be made to this course, if @MaxineDownunder hasn’t done them.

Wowsers, I missed the tag. LMK if I can help, i. e. by becoming a contributor to the course.

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Thanks @Olaf.Rabbachin,

I’ll leave it up to @MaxineDownunder and @xenia.i to decide & reply.

(I’m not a Contributor.)

I thought it would be a good to check that this course has been updated with the changes made and reported on the “no typing” version.

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I apologise for my tardiness - especially without explanation (family stuff). Also thankful to @xenia.i for great assistance offered to this course.

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Bonjour @Olaf.Rabbachin, I have just made you a Contributor to this course. I understand you’re way ahead of me (re French in general) so I’m confident any input you provide will be valuable. Thanks to @DW7 for his assistance in this matter!
Here’s a link to the course: https://app.memrise.com/course/250003/learn-french-for-polyglot/

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Are you sure you made me a contributor? I don’t see the Edit Course button, and the course doesn’t appear on my Teaching list either.

Please note that I’m extremely busy presently and a week of vacation is coming up this Friday so I won’t be quick with any updates. Is there anything I should particularly look out for (the course is pretty large!)?

I just had a quick glance - it seems that the punctuation is generally wrong, i. e. a “bonjour !” is written without the space between the word and the exclamation mark. This seems to be a very common error, but it would be a major task to correct that throughout the whole course …


I’m so sorry Olaf. I thought I added you, but in checking again, I realised I had forgotten to do the final “Save”. Thanks for your last para (re no space before the exclamation mark). I’m still learning. Don’t stress if you can’t get to it right away. I think there are 10 other contributors - not sure if they’re all still active (as contributors) or not. One area which I got stuck in but I know it needs work is phrases and possibly some of the grammar levels. It’s a while since I’ve looked at it. Please don’t hesitate to contact me either here or in private messaging. Thank you.
Here’s a link to the course: https://app.memrise.com/course/250003/learn-french-for-polyglot/
Any issues? Please get back to me.

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May I suggest one of you add a link to this Forum.

This will suffice if short on space:

community.memrise.com/t/ 33334

Delete the space after the “t/” ie “.com/t/33334
(See below for better way to type text).

FYI: to get the link to display “as is”, you can insert the link first as text, then mark it and press Ctrl-K to open up the Hyperlink dialog. There, insert the link-text again as the title. This results in the following (gee, it’s quite hard to make Discourse not process links!):


On a side note: I have now updated the course description so that it contains a link to this thread here.

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I think the easiest way to show the text and prevent the link is to use the Markdown backtick (`) before and after the text.



hello everyone,
I noticed two things:


When you write the correct answer, it doesn’t automatically progress to the next step, which suggests something is missing. Perhaps it’s a glitch


Hi @xenia.i, thanks for your observations.

To help identify the issue, can you give the actual word that was either the word or the answer, please as it will be easier to investigate.

Failing that, what level it was in.

Often a screen-shot helps.