[Course Forum] Learn French for Polyglot - No Typing - Corrections made

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I have just made some grammatical corrections on Level 208: Conjugation - Subjunctive Present - Irregular. Some examples of the things I’ve changed are: changing “I be” to “I am”; and “he do” to “he does”; etc. etc. The French is all correct on this level but the translations were not. There are 15 irregular verbs on this level and many little changes. If you use the App, I highly recommend deleting it and reinstalling it. Happy to take on any feedback. I don’t profess to be an expert.

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You don’t have to uninstall and re-install. To receive content updates it’s sufficient to just log off and then back on.


Merci beaucoup @Olaf.Rabbachin. I didn’t know that!

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Hi @MaxineDownunder,

The French for well is bien - correct but
It gives the Italian as Beh but it’s actually bene.

As I’m a contributor, I’ll also should check the Italian equivalent course, but the correction may have been made.

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Thanks @DW7. I should spend more time on this - especially in the grammar levels as I know they (especially) are not all correct. I did have a French person (outside Memrise) helping me for a while but then I think he got ‘over it’ so I stopped asking for help.

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Actually a lot of Italian is wrong, but not important here, as long as the Italian Polyglot course has been corrected.

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I do find that a lot of alternative French words I leaned are not used (and should be IMHO).

eg Car - I’d use parce ce que

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I probably shouldn’t even a contributor to the Polyglot courses because I’m clearly not as proficient as I should be.

It’s good to have a contact (a Contributor to an Abandoned course) and you can certainly keep the course tidy and action any issue which is clearly wrong.

You are certainly scoring more points than I am :wink:


I might be scoring more points than you DW7 however that’s only because of the endless hours I’ve put in in the past … not so much now. I’d be willing to exchange actual levels with you if it meant I could speak French and not just keep accumulating more words!

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Hi @MaxineDownunder, Please could you delete a couple of audio files for çа = it under “Personal Pronouns”.

Two of the five say “media” (an Italian word for middle), one says “it” (English not French) and another says “elle” and the first one is silent!

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I’ll get onto that DW7. Really you should be a contributor and not me! Thank you.

Hi @DW7, Done

Many thanks @MaxineDownunder

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I keep finding words that are different to what I learned as a teenager.

Perhaps some are today’s culture of abbreviating words?


Under = sous

I would say dessous.


I see au dessous de is used for below.


The same = pareil.

What about le même

If you agree, could this be an alternative @MaxineDownunder ?

However as the course was created by a French speaker, I assume it’s more likely to be correct and current.

Personally I think there are too many mistakes with the Italian to bother.

As this is a French course and presumably someone is looking after the Italian parallel course, it’s there, that any issues should be considered.

You’re probably correct DW7. There are a heap of contributors to this course - maybe I’m expecting more from others.

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Hi, I’ve checked the two Italian equivalent courses, and they have been corrected.

(And I am one of the Contributors :slight_smile: )

Hi @DW7, it’s taken me a while but I finally got back to this and added your suggestions as alternative answers. Thanks for your input and apologies for the delay.

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Hi @MaxineDownunder, Many thanks.

If you like, I can return to the course and post here (or on a PM) any possible suggestions - but remember, my French is very basic and French has changed since I learned it!