[Course Forum] Learn Basic Italian by Stefano Durden

Ciao a tutti,
Thank you for the great resource! I work with my italian fore more than 1 year now.
Please forward this message to the authors of the “Learn Basic Italian” - Stefano Durden.

Grazie, Stefano!

At the same time, I would like to ask for correction, please.

In one of the lessons there is a phrase:
She is waiting for him
Translation should be as “Lo sta aspettando
And this is what is actually said by the voice part of the lesson.
However, in the correct answer recognition the system does not accept this answer.
It wants me to type “io sto aspettando”, which makes me confused all the time.
Even in the Chose Correct Answer mode, the system does not have “Lo sta aspettando”
Instead the correct answer to be accepted is “io sto aspettando”.

Thank you again,
Grazie mille!

I am learning Italian as well. I would recommend using Duolingo or other language learning sites to learn and familiarise yourself with the language. I find that it helps to listen to simple songs sung in Italian or to watch a movie in Italian with subtitles. You might also want to pick up a book on the basics of the language. I have one of my own and like to read a bit every day. Basically, anything helps.

I’m afraid there is no forum thread for this course and the author does not have a forum account either. You have thus no way of contacting them through the forum (you could try to google him as he has most probably provided his real name).

If you want to fix problems yourself, you can can apply to become a contributor to the course. In that case, refer to this thread for more information:

Hi @RuslanOmarov, @Olaf.Rabbachin,

It is indeed a great course.

@StefanoDurden is as you can see, active here.

Also from the course description you will see I am supporting this course.

I have a general category Forum for all courses I support (unless I support multiple courses in which case there is a a dedicated forum or a significant single course).

See [Course Forum] Italian & Italiano/ Inglese courses supported by DW7, not listed elsewhere

Normally please let us know (here will do as I’ve made this a dedicated Forum) which level the issues are in and one of us will try to address them.

PS Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve found it and fixed it - keeping alternatives that are visible when learning and will be accepted (as some may prefer the original).

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Oops, sorry - I must have misspelled the name then!

Hi @Olaf.Rabbachin, I always go to the course and copy and paste the name then add the @ to try to avoid unusual spelling :wink: .

But many thanks for your attentiveness and work in the Forum.

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Grazie Mille!

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