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I am currently using version 2.2.8 of the iOS app of memrise and am doing the “Koreanisch 2” course in German language for the second Korean course. It says the translation for 시끄럽다 is “niedlich sein”, to be cute, where it would actually to be noisy, “laut sein”. I looked it up in Google translate and Naver Dict, and both say to be noisy would be correct translation.

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There is a course forum for Memrise Korean courses for English speakers
[Course Forum] Korean 1-7 by Memrise , but
I didn’t find any for German speakers


Thanks, my colleagues @NaYoungOh and @mario2189 will take care of errors and suggestions reported here.

thanks for messaging us. Yes you are right, there was a technical error and it means ‘to be loud’. We will correct this.

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@mario2189 can you check this error please? thanks

Thanks for flagging this, it has now been corrected.
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Hi Memrise Team,

I found a mistake in the German setence in my Korean course.

  • Wrong: es finde es zu klein
  • Must be: ich finde es zu klein
  • Korean translation (correct): 내가 생각하기에 그것은 너무 작아요

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It is in the 2nd Korean for German course part 2 “Wendungen: Bring sie zum Lachen”