[Course Forum] Korean 1-7 by Memrise

(Latex X) #41

Hey there felow Korean students.
I’ve been using memrise to learn Korean for a long time. Some days i can take lessons, others not. Sometimes many days will go by without me being able to return to the site, but i do study on a weekly basis.
Today the site surprised me because i came back for more lessons and found out the site is teaching me the very first lessons all over again?
I hit the green “learn more” button and instead of moving forward into a new “chapter” full of new stuff, it took me back to the very beginning?
Did i do something wrong?
Any ideas?


(Lurajane) #42

Several users over the past few days have reported the same experience in that course. That means that you didn’t do anything wrong, Memrise probably just changed or remade the first level, so now it is a level that is indeed “new” to you.

@Atikker- do you want to move this to the course forum?

(Just a regular user) #43

Hi @LatexX

I moved your post here. This is the course forum for memrise Korean courses (if you are studying the English-Korean one - if not just let me know)

you can ask or comment anything about those courses right here. And if you happen to find an error just report it here

Happy learning !

(Garfield Davidson79) #44

Then why haven’t they informed us? I’m confused and disappointed at the lack of communication, and my motivation has been hit as a result. *sigh*

(Latex X) #45

Thank you very much!

(Studying Monk) #46

In the “Meet the Locals” (Korean 1, Level 18) is a video of a girl saying "그것은 당신을 위한 것이에요."
and the accepted right answer being “그것은 나를 위한 것이에요?” while the upper isn´t an option.


(Zobapa) #47

Why does the Memrise Korean course teach 당신 when everything I’ve ever read says that you should avoid using it? I was under the impression that it’s pretty rude to use it in everyday conversation. This is frustrating because I’m afraid that I will learn bad habits through the course. Is there any chance that Memrise will be changing this soon?

(Na Young Oh) #48

thanks for the message. We have selected 당신 as compared to other words for “you” best captures the meaning of “you” for our translation purposes. 당신 has many implications and uses, depending on the context.
So depending on who uses the word and in what situation, its meaning can range from formal to rude. It is also important to note that when 당신 is used as a subject, it is often left out by Koreans in normal speech.

Na Young

(Ouchie) #49

I’m not sure if I should asking this here or somewhere else but I have to redo almost everything from my account but the words that I learned is still unlocked if you can call that.

There is also something new: ‘2 Decoder Training 101’ but I can only do this one and a friend of mine doing the exact course can do ‘3 A little about you’ and I don’t.

The icon for ‘2 Decoder Training 101’ is for me a text balloon but for my friend it is a rocket. ( the new mission thing)

(Cobradabest) #50

I’ve had the same problem, only I completed the first level.

I hate how now they’re getting you to learn to read it before speaking it. I heard that learning to read a language before speaking phrases is a really bad idea because it would negatively impact your ability to speak it and string words together when speaking, I don’t think natives of any language would learn to read before speaking their language.

I’ve been pretty much completely put off of the Korean course on Memrise because of this…

(Fcai375) #51

Korean Level 4~ Thank you so much to the Memrise team! I love it :slight_smile:
“in the kitchen”…?


(Fcai375) #52

Also, I second the fact that I wish Memrise would force us to type all the words instead of just selecting the letter blocks! I think it would force us to learn faster.

(Xefjord) #53

i would completely disagree. yes we learn to speak before we learn to read as babies. but adults learn differently. and something babies and adults share in common is having to learn the sounds of the language. for a baby they can just take in the sounds around them. but for us, if we just try to speak its likely our pronunciation would be bad and we could develop bad habits. so learning to read and how the sounds ACTUALLY sound is more important than speaking at first IMO

(Cobradabest) #54

I wasn’t talking about the sounds themselves, I was talking about learning the alphabet.

I think the voice examples on the courses helped me get my pronunciation down for the basic phrases, but then again I tend to subconsciously impersonate what I hear, which makes it easy for me to learn to pronounce things. (Apparently my Italian and Japanese pronunciations are spot on and I don’t have an accent, and I haven’t been learning those for too long)

I usually use Memrise as a companion to Pimsleur, which is a strictly audio course, and I usually wait until I learn how to read any alphabet providing it doesn’t use roman letters, and it seems to do me well with other languages.

I decided look this up, because where I heard about the speak before you write thing was about Japanese, and I hear that their writing is way more complex. It seems 50-50, some say to learn to write first, others speak first.

I don’t know, I still wish that Memrise kept the level with the romanised words…

(Heartmako) #55

I’m taking Korean 1 since even though I’m very familiar with Hangul and some introductory Korean already, I haven’t delved too far into learning yet. However, I’ve run into a problem in the Korean 1 course.

I didn’t get a screenshot of it, but it started trying to teach me the word “yes”, which it would switch between just the vowel “ㅖ” OR the actual written block “예” seemingly randomly. Maybe I was just misunderstanding and it was trying to teach me the sound “ㅖ” and also the word “예” at the same time (because it was also teaching me “아니요” as well), but it was pretty confusing, to be honest, so I ended up getting both wrong multiple times for almost no reason?

(ラッテル/) #56

make korean cours great again!!!

(Ivan Derzhanski98) #57

That would make a lot of sense indeed. Especially since the FAQ note ‘Typing in another language / change keyboard’ (http://feedback.memrise.com/knowledgebase/articles/524813-typing-in-another-language-change-keyboard) explicitly names Korean as a language for which an onscreen keyboard can be added.

(ラッテル/) #58

help… that is ui right… i cannot even type ㅢ as ui when i only have it as a question
i do not understand… what must I type for ㅢ ??

(ラッテル/) #59

update … looks like it accepted yi… but why?? i still do not understand ??

(Kayavalentinelli) #61

I’m really glad there’s a Memrise Korean course, but I have to admit I would have preferred it to follow the same pattern as some other courses when it comes to teach us the writing system ; that is, instead of asking us to type in the hangeul equivalent for a given romanization, ask us instead to type in the romanization for some hangeul letter/syllable. It’s a bit lazier maybe, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who won’t bother quite yet to install a hangeul keyboard and so on, so I end up just typing in the romanization and in the end, I don’t learn the alphabet well at all ; for people like me, it would be more beneficial to have to visually recognize the hangeul characters. (Don’t hate on me please xD)
Anyway, thanks for all the work on this course !