[Course Forum] Korean 1-7 by Memrise

(Annemiesa) #21

On level 1 or level 1 the word ‘NEU’ is displayed as ‘BEU’ so it shows in Hangul ‘NEU’ but in romantized ‘BEU’ please fix Uploading…

(Xefjord) #22

Has the Official Korean Course been updated? Or was it just a change in pictures? I noticed the color was slightly altered and different pictures are now being used for all the Korean Lessons. Any big changes in content though?

(Haxelion) #23

In the level 8 of Korean 3 there is a mistake for the word “stomach”.

통증 is not stomach in korean but an ache or a pain.
The correct word for stomach is 위.

I’ve confirmed that with a native speaker.

Thanks for the great work on the korean lessons :slight_smile:

(Mariko) #24

Hi Xefjord,

I can confirm that the courses haven’t undergone any major changes - the course images for many of the Memrise courses have been changed to better represent the respective culture.


(Naapi 52) #25

Course 1, Lvl 4 Testing. The “kyu”(큐) here has been wrong in several cases as the following romaji of the hangul should be “gyu” (규). I am relearning Korean after studying it in South Korea as exchange student.

(Jennwilson830) #26

Any plans to add the ‘meet the natives’ and/or ‘first contact’ function for Korean?

Really like it in the German course. Would love it in Korean as well.


(Loofbos) #27

Thank you for providing us the Memrise Korean course! I’d like to know if (or when) the Korean course will be available in other languages (such as Italian, French and so on…) like you already done for the Chinese and Japanese courses. And will you also make the “meet the natives” video mode available for the Korean course?
Thank you!

(Punkproduction) #28


I’ve just started using this program yesterday and I really like it but I’ve noticed the male’s voice for sounding out ㅁ sound like “bu” instead of “mu”. Is this correct?

(Danielf29) #29

I believe that there is an issue in the first few levels with the word 나. It sounds like 다.

Is it just me or has someone else noticed this? I am familiar with Hangul and I think that this is either a mistake or a problem with the TTS software.

Has anyone else noticed these problems?

(Nigu84) #30

I think it’s probably correct and it’s not a problem. It took me a while to realise that whenever I heard 데 in daily life, Koreans where actually saying 네. I presume this is the same thing happening to you.

Romanization is a dangerous thing. The Korean writing system exists because it is the most suitable to the Korean language. Any attempt at reproducing it will be inherently flawed and small nuances will be missed.

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t been through those courses and I’m not a native speaker, so wait for a native speaker to confirm. I may be completely wrong.

(Lukas Landgraf72) #31

I am currently using version 2.2.8 of the iOS app of memrise and am doing the “Koreanisch 2” course in German language for the second Korean course. It says the translation for 시끄럽다 is “niedlich sein”, to be cute, where it would actually to be noisy, “laut sein”. I looked it up in Google translate and Naver Dict, and both say to be noisy would be correct translation. I don’t know if this also affects the English version.

(Garfield Davidson79) #32

So I’m using the site, completed my goal yesterday with some review, and I learned 5 words (ᄐ, 타, 탁, 모, 고, according to my review email). I came back today to discover: “Words learned: 0/222”. 1 day Streak still there, profile says 61 words, definitely thanks to Korean 1 - what gives?

(Mark Schefski49) #33

Hello everyone,
I have the same issue as Garfield_Davidson79.
My progress has been reset to 0/222 words; streak still available.
What happened with the course?

(Violetfleuri) #34

I am having the same problem as Garfield_Davidson79 & Mark_Schefski49.

I have been reset to 35/222 and when I went to learn new words today, it took me back to learning the alphabet.

I also noticed that there are modules missing, I have: 1-4-6-8-9, 10-18.

(Daedanhan) #35

So I’ve recently started learning a Korean learning course, but some words and (alphabetical) letters have been deleted and I can’t find them in the course anymore. My profile still says ‘34 words learned’ and I also still have the points I earned because of it.

(Julianewessalowski) #36

I wonder, why is there no in-browser keyboard for Hangul yet? Just throwing in all letters would be really helpful for getting started :confused:

(Lapael) #37

New user here. Started “Korean 1” course today.

9 out of 10 times a video prompt comes up it fails to play and instead says: “The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

I’m using Firefox on Windows 7, plugins disabled.

(John Mango) #38

Hi everyone

I recently started Korean 1 and was about a third of the way through, but I checked it the other day and all my progress was completely erased! What’s more, the course seems to have changed slightly. Has anyone had troubles like these?

(Studying Monk) #39

Option 1. and 3. are the same. Only one was right. I got it in multiple learn sessions (because I kept failing this one word), everytime there were two identical options.

I think has only happened with this single sentence. Also I was learning new words in Groups of 5, if this is important.

(Violetfleuri) #40

Hello Daedanhan…

I think I can help you if you want the original modules - I have been writing then in a notebook. I was to Module 10 before everything went weird and they started doing my Classic Reviews of letters and not phrases. What module(s) did you lose? I losr 2,3,5 & 7. If you need these, I can try to help you. :slight_smile: