[Course Forum] Koneho Indonesian Courses

This thread is being opened by me as I seem to have finally attracted users to the Bahasa Gaul / Informal Indonesian course. I have closed my previous two courses due to lack of interest. I also use Anki outside of Memrise so not everything I have is posted.

Is the current course I am working on. It contains information from Wikipedia (fact checked by a native speaker from the Linglot community) as well as 400 sentences from user Axon of the HTLAL forums.

I also have the Jakartan Dialect book by Sneddon and the Dictionary of Informal Indonesian by the Australian College of English. However, I’m putting these into Anki rather than memrise due to ease of editing (adding examples, putting pictures etc). If interest in the Gaul course increases I will gladly transcribe the Sneddon and Australian College books and add to the corus. The Australian College course is a bit dated with some of the slang being more common in times past, however still valid Low-Indonesian forms.

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New course in the works.

This is the 50 languages ID course with SENTENCES and AUDIO.

It is a slow process, but if anyone would like to follow or help I can walk you through the process. (Shout out to SouperSausage for making the script).