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A general course of words as I’ve encountered and learned them.

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Gracias! Por favor, continúen me avisas si encuentras errores.

Level 115, el bienes - is this actually used as a singular noun? el bienes está…?

I don’t know. I think I originally encountered the word this way when I added it, although it could easily be a mistake, either on my part or the publication. And Spanish Dict weirdly seems to indicate it under singular (see below) although it sure sounds plural to me. However, when I searched around I always see it used with the plural ‘los’ and haven’t been able to find it with the ‘el.’ I’m going to change it to ‘los’ for now and next time I remember I’ll ask a Spanish friend.

4 bienes (géneros) goods; (propiedad) property
; (s) possessions; (riqueza) riches; wealth
; (s)
bienes activos active assets
bienes de capital capital goods
bienes de consumo consumer goods
bienes de consumo duraderos consumer durables
bienes de equipo capital goods
bienes de inversión capital goods
bienes de la tierra agricultural produce
; (s)
bienes de producción industrial goods
bienes de servicio services
bienes dotales dowry
; (s)
bienes duraderos durables
bienes fungibles perishables
bienes gananciales shared possessions
bienes inmuebles real estate
; (s)
bienes mostrencos unclaimed property
; (s)
bienes muebles personal property
; (s) goods and chattels
bienes públicos government property
; (s)
bienes raíces real estate
; (s) realty
; (s) (EEUU)
bienes relictos estate
; (s) inheritance
; (s)
bienes semovientes livestock
; (s)
bienes terrestres worldly goods

Hi Lurajane,

Just as a follow up - I talked to a Spanish-speaking friend yesterday and he says that he has seen the ‘el’ bienes once or twice. He couldn’t remember where but thought it was maybe for real estate and with another word added. He said it was possible I actually did run across it that way. But generally he said to go with ‘los’ bienes.

The entries for “a mi entender” and “en mi opinión” both have the English definition “in my opinion”, with no way to tell which response is desired.

Okay, fixed. Thanks.

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A few minor odds and ends:

  1. Double entry for “y así ha sido” in level 119.
  2. Level 14 frio (cold, unmoved, indifferent) I think this should have an accent.
  3. (Not sure what level) stepbrother hermanastro does not accept “el hermanastro”
  4. (Also not sure what level) vivencia add (v) to differentiate from experiencia?

Thanks lurajane, I fixed them all.

I just got new reading glasses, although I’m not sure that’s going to help me with missing accents. But at least I can see them a little better now. :slight_smile:


Level 137:

ponerse en file

I think it should be:

ponerse en fila

You’re right and I fixed it.

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Level 133

estorban (to hinder)

I think it should be


Yep, that was a typo. It’s fixed. Thanks!

Level 152 has a bit of a problem. Memrise says there are 30 words, but only 29 show in the list. Starting a learning session in that level (I’ve learned the 29 words) leads to a Memrise “Whoops!” message. I can get around the error by going to another level to start a learning session, but if I click “Learn” from my dashboard it doesn’t work.

Not sure why I only had 29, either I just counted wrong or possibly deleted
a duplicate from the master list and that’s where it was. I added another
word to make it 30. I hope that fixes the problem. If not, the only think
I can think of is to maybe try clearing that level and then re-learn it all
over again.


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All fixed! Thanks!

Hey there, Karen. Wanted to first say thanks for a great course. Secondly, I noticed under section 5, the number 14 (catorce) is missing.
I realize this was made awhile ago, but I hope this fix still can be added.

Yeah, I had somehow missed it back when I first entered all the info. You will find it somewhere else in the database, because I stuck it in somewhere later on, but I don’t know where now. On the personal non-Memrise courses, the search function is primitive. It tells me it’s in the database, but I can’t see where exactly. If you happen to come across it again in a later section, please let me know where it is and I’ll delete the second 14. I was originally trying to keep each section to 30 words.

Anyway, I just added it to #5 and took out one of the sentences instead.


Thanks, Karen. The original is in group #56. I also noticed that the direction north (el norte) is missing from group #54. Does that also show up further along as well? I skimmed through a few more and didn’t see it. Same thing with lunes, jueves and viernes missing from group #5.

***I also noticed the new catorce has no sound or meme. Can the old one be moved to keep that intact?

Also, do you happen to have any of your courses in Excel format or any other print friendly variant? I wanted to try and print some Spanish words/phrases out to practice away from a monitor/screen.

Additional edit: The new catorce (14), besides having no voice or meme, also seems to bring up the same 4 multiple choice answers (4 copies of catorce) instead of unique ones.