[Course-Forum] Kanji Grade 2

On the one hand, I like Kanji Grade 2, because it gives the possibility to concentrate on the kanji of the 2nd grade.

But the maker of the course made it “buggy”.

1: erronous imput of long vowels
the on-reading for 刀 is tō. However, if you vill in “tō”, it is a mistake. You have to fill in “to”, the short vowel. It should accept “tō”, “tou” or “too”, and the best would be that all 3 possibilities are accepted, but NOT “to”.

2 too severe input of variations.
The English translation for 丸 is “circle, entire, complete”. However, if you fill in “circle, complete, entire”, it’s considered a mistake. Not having the correct order sometimes is even considered as a grave mistake.
Another example in the same vain is “万”. The on-readings are “man, ban”. If you don’t fill in “man, ban” and in that order, it’s considered a mistake; I don’t see why it has to be so severe that “ban, man” is considered a mistake.

link to the course: https://www.memrise.com/course/88142/kanji-grade-2-3/2/

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They changed how commas are treated a while back, which broke a whole lot of courses, including this one. That’s what’s causing problem number two.