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(JTalk Online) #81

Thank you so much Naltai for bringing that to my attention!

I… can’t actually remember where I got that word and kanji for the mine. But you’re right they’re both COMPLETELY wrong! I’ve corrected that entry to はいこう 廃坑

Thank you also for the other corrections!! I’ve fixed all of those now and added alternate answers for the ones you requested.

(JTalk Online) #82

Thank you LeeValencia!
I’ve corrected all of those!

(JTalk Online) #83

Thank you everyone who lets me know about corrections!!!

I apologies that it takes me so long to make improvements. I do Japanese Talk Online and the Memrise courses in my free time but time gets away from me and before I know it it’s been… 5 months…

Thank you for your support and patience! I hope that you’ve still found these courses helpful for your Japanese!

(The Four Gated Danzig) #84

Thank you for providing fabulous study material for free!

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #85

Keep Up The Good Work JTalk!

(Jujugrubs) #86

Hello! Thanks heaps for making all these courses!
I’ve noticed a few mistakes in your JLPT N1 Vocabulary 日本語総まとめ 語彙 course.
Mainly to do with spelling:
Level 3: typo of embarrassed
Level 6: The kanji for つむ and つまむ is the same so sometimes both pop up in testing. Maybe you could put (1) or (2) by the kanji?
Level 11: rehabilitate not rehabilitize (it’s not a word)
Level 17: typo of aggravated
Level 17: typo of phlegm caught in one’s throat
Level 25: typo of various
Level 29: typo of truly

If I pick up on anymore I’ll be sure to let you know.
Thanks again for the lists! :slight_smile:

(Marcus W) #87

@JTalkOnline.com could audio please be to the partcles courses too?

(Danbis Uk) #88

Hi, I have some corrections for Beginners Japanese Particles 2.

from level 9:
shouldn’t きらいたべものでも be きらいなたべものでも ?

from level 10:
コヒーでもいかが should be コーヒーでもいかが and
ケーキでもつろうか should be ケーキでもつくろうか

Thanks for the great courses!

(Itoshiihito93) #89

JLPT N1 Vocabulary 日本語総まとめ 語彙
level 1.1
いさぎよい at the moment is only accepted at “frank” but after asking about usage, it isn’t really used to mean ‘frank’, but more like ‘gracious’, ‘sportsmanlike’ or ‘resolute’.
For example,

(Leo Gg) #90

Hi, in the Japanese Counters course, shouldn’t じゅうかい be じゅっかい in levels 15 and 34? Or are both correct?
Thanks for all your courses.

(Bicorn) #91

Course: Anime Japanese for Beginners (course number 250545)
Level: 4 (fantasy/adventure anime)
Error: the kanji given for “Run!” (にげて) is 苦手; that actually says “nigate”. It should be 逃げて.