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(JTalk Online) #61

Thanks for letting me know! The audio for かける was updated.

(JTalk Online) #62

Thanks! It’s been corrected! (Sorry it took me a while)

(JTalk Online) #63

Thanks! I’ve fixed the audio.
That’s really weird it doesn’t say complete. I’ve had that happen to me with random courses before. I think it’s a Memrise bug. Is it still doing that?

(JTalk Online) #64

I don’t know why it does that. Are you still having issues with it?

And YES! Thank you for letting me know! Sorry that wasn’t in time for this December’s JLPT but I will add levels for those to the N4 grammar.

(JTalk Online) #65

Thank you so much for pointing out all those mistakes in the N1 course! I don’t know how some of the kana got put in the kanji column. I’ll do a run through and see if I can spot anymore. Let me know if you find any others and I’ll fix them!

(JTalk Online) #66

Thanks for letting me know! Audio has been updated

(JTalk Online) #67

Hi Marcus! I have been planning to finish adding the Audio to Grammar 1 and 2 for a while now. Especially as my kind Patreons hit the goal to add audio I WILL be doing that this weekend!!! Huzzah!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to finish up the audio for those. I know how useful they are to learning.

(Tacyn) #68

In the explanations of the te-form in your grammar courses you seem to always skip cases for su and gu ( and maybe more I don’t now about).

Also in level 55 of Beginners Grammar 1
The English and Kana of ‘was not serious (past neg) (polite)’ refer to the polite version
while the audio and kanji use the plain version.

In level 56, ‘necessary and impossible’ has the wrong audio
and for ‘easy, comfortable and slow’ the audio sounds like naku… but should probably say raku…

In level 43 ‘there is/I have a river’: the audio says hawa instead of kawa

in level 54 the audio for ‘からくなかった was not spicy (past neg)’ is wrong

(Marcus W) #69

Are you planning to add audio for the particle courses too? That would make them even better.

(Strugglebunny) #70

Hi! First, I want to thank you again for making this list and others like it here. I really appreciate it!

I hate to bother you, but in addition to some of the above that still don’t seem to be completely fixed, I’ve found some more errors recently.

名の通った医者 (should be 医師 to match the reading/book)

みそ汁がちょっとあまい miso is a bit mild (塩分が少ない)
–should be みそ汁はちょっと甘い to match the book/use the proper kanji

機械に強い - to know a lot about maths (should be machines)

Again, sorry to bother you. I wish I could somehow just fix these myself without bothering anyone!

(Strugglebunny) #71

More mistakes or missing kanji…

そこの道 the area (分野)
–should be その道 I think

先へ進む more forward
–should be moVe forward

仏の道を説く to breach Buddah’s teachings
-to PReach Buddah’s teachings

ストーカーになやむ >> ストーカーに悩む
to be stalked (worry about a stalker)

Uターンげんしょう >> Uターン現象
the phenomenon of people returning to live in their home town

1ちゃくでゴールインする >> 1着でゴールインする
to come in first

(Strugglebunny) #72

More mistakes…

盛り上げる to pile up, to heap up; to liven up
should be 盛り上がる to swell; to rise; to liven up

しきに soon (すぐに)
should be じきに

しずくがたれる water drips (drips drip)
**missing kanji

あかをおとす to scrub oneself clean
**missing kanji

(Gnosis) #73

I noticed this when in review mode:

JLPT N5 Vocabulary & Kanji
Level 7: Places - Week 1.6
たてもの: This was one of the questions with the three audio options to select from. Two different recordings of that word were among those options (two were the same recording voiced by a man and one by a woman). I selected the latter and it was marked as incorrect, then a couple of questions later it came up again, with all three choices being the recording of the woman, so I had no choice but to select it, and it was marked correct. Going back to check that specific entry, the recording of the woman is the one associated with it, so I’m not sure why it was marked as incorrect the first time, and duplicate recordings of the same word also seems like it could be a problem.

(Marcus W) #74

That sounds like the bug in the current version of the app, not the course.

(Naltai) #75

In section 8 of your video game Japanese course, you have 龍祭壇 as “abandoned mine/quarry” with the kana さいくつじょうあと. I can’t actually find this translation or furigana for 龍祭壇 at all; I’m only able to find “dragon alter” with the pronunciation りゅうさいだん.

I’m not sure if this is actually a mistake, or if google is failing me, but I get 採掘 (さいくつ) for “mine/quarry”.

edit 2018/04/02: I should’ve gotten around to this sooner, but a couple more mistakes here:

  • Level 3, 兵士 /soldier has a typo in English, it’s written as “solider.”
  • Level 4, 防御力/defense has the furigana as ぼうぎょうりょく、when it should be ぼうぎょりょく。
  • Level 4, 命中率/critical rate should probably be “accuracy rate,” as I can’t find any instances of it actually being used for critical hit instead of accuracy.
  • Level 9, 魂/soul forces you choose 魂・魄。This is very frustrating as someone who likes to type their answers to ensure it’s correct, as my phone and PC kanji dictionaries are both missing 魄 as a possible translation for たましい。It’d be nice if I could just use 魂 as an answer.
  • Level 9, 悪神/evil god has the furigana as あくしん、when it should be あくじん。
  • Level 9, 幽霊/ghost has the furigana as ゆうてい、when it should be ゆうれい。

(Overlord Hydroptère) #76

a small typo in “beginners japanese grammar n5” (https://www.memrise.com/course/258569/beginners-japanese-grammar-1-jlpt-n5-grammar/)

はやくないです - not fast (polite) - Kanji くないです instead of 早 (early) should be 速 (fast)

many thanks for your courses

(Lee Valencia) #77

In Newspaper Japanese, level 10/11, the reading for 受刑 is given as じゅうけい, but as far as I can tell it should be じゅけい.

In level 10/11, I don’t really see why there are two entries for うばう.

(Lee Valencia) #78

In Newspaper Japanese, level 12/13, the reading for 悪化 is given as あか, but it should be あっか.

(JTalk Online) #79

Hi Tacyn! Sorry for the… woah it’s May already… SUPER late reply.
I’ve gone through and made corrections expect for a few:

The audio’s correct on these:

In level 43 ‘there is/I have a river’
‘easy, comfortable and slow’

(JTalk Online) #80

Hi Strugglebunny, sorry for the late reply on these.

Thank you for letting me know! (That course was an old one so there are a fair number of mistakes)
I’ve corrected everything, hope that helps!