[Course Forum] Japanese Programming Vocabulary

Hey all,

First time forum poster. I found this really awesome run down of programmer terminology and have been enjoying it a lot so far. That said I came across some errors just now that I was hoping someone could address!

course link: https://www.memrise.com/course/634460/japanese-programming-vocabulary/
Level 31 and 32 have the following words
乗算演算子 and 剰余演算子. The meanings are correct but the hiragana pronunciation is wrong:

乗算演算子 is currently じょざんえんざんし and should be じょうざんえんざんし
剰余演算子 is currently ざんよえんざんし and should be じょうよえんざんし

Thanks again to the creator for making this course if they see this! Let me know if you need any additional info, thanks!