[Course Forum] Japanese (no script) 1-7 by Memrise

(Creator Oblivion) #1

I’ll try to get the correct details as best I can. Hope this is a new thing being reported.

So I’ve found that there seem to be a few words that don’t match up to the sounds in the course.

One of which is heard “ichiba ni iki masho u” but the words displayed are “shiji ni iki masho u”

Another is “are wa watashi no okiniiri desu” but has the words “sore wa watashi no okiniiri desu”

As an added note, one of the videos (mee the natives) for the word great! (sugoi!) Is very hard to make out. I think it would help more users if it was taken out. (The video in question is of an elderly fellow with glasses and small hat on.)

Please let me know if I can provide more info

(Aufrecja) #2

I would like to contribute additional feedback regarding errors in the Japanese 1-7 (no script) course.

  1. I noticed the inconsistency between “ichiba ni iki masho u” and the displayed words “shiji ni iki masho u.” This is in Japanese 2, level 12.
  2. Another one is in Japanese 2, level 28. the number 80 should be “hachi ju” but it is displayed as “yaso.”
  3. The last one I found is in Japenese 1, level 10. The number 0 (zero) is displayed as “rei” but pronounced “cero/sero”. is this a miskate.

Thank you.

(Kana) #3

Hello @Aufrecja,

Thank you for kindly pointing those out for us. You are absolutely right and we have now made the corrections!
I hope you will keep on enjoying learning Japanese with us;)

Happy learning!

(Irinaspitznagel72) #4

First of all, thank you for this motivating course!
I think I found some errors in the German version of Japanese 2 (no script)

Level 27 (level 24 in the Android app):

  • Suzuki san wa itsumo onaka ga ai te imasu


  • watashi wa onaka ga ai te iru kara, okotte imasu

Shouldn’t it be suite? At least that’s what we’ve learned in Japanese 1 and it’s also what the natives in the videos say…

Level 30 (level 27 in the Adroid app):

  • nana ji ni jū fun sugi desu

In the audio file and in the Furigana writing the alternative word for seven “shichi”, that hasn’t been taught in this course yet, is used.

(Kana) #5

Hi @irinaspitznagel72,

Thank you for flagging these!
I have made the fixes!

We also do need to have levels how pronunciations of numbers change when telling the time… I will work on that!

(Undholio65) #6

Hi there! Hope this is the right place to write to. I completed Japanese 1 with script course and switched to No script, because I’m not interested in kanji. After switching I noticed two things. Maybe bugs or maybe I’m doing something wrong. When I have to type the words in Learn with Locals section, the typed letters don’t appear on screen (I’m using an Android phone) and the result is ALWAYS wrong. I don’t think I can type ‘hai’ wrong repeatedly :slight_smile: Also, no such problem under Listening skills section.
Secondly, I get 100% fail rate in Pronounciation lessons. That is weird, since I got maybe one or two failed tries during the whole Japanese 1 with script course.

(Kana) #7

Hi @undholio65
Thank you for flagging these. We’re sorry you are experiencing them.
The issue in Pronunciation Mode is definitely a bug, and we will fix it asap.

As for the typing issue, I’m having trouble reproducing the problem. Can you send me a screenshot of when it happens, please?

(Undholio65) #8

Hi Kana,
Thanks for responding. Here’s a screenshot. It’s made after typing in ‘arigatō’.

(Kana) #9

Thank you! And it doesn’t let you type? I got the same screen, but I can type the answers… I am trying to locate where the bug is coming from… Could yo try updating the app and log out and log in again to see it if it a problem specific to that version?

(Undholio65) #10

Thanks again!
I do get vibration feedback when typing, so keypresses seem to get registered. But like I said, nothing appears on screen. Is the typed word supposed to be displayed?
I have auto updates turned on, so I should have the latest version. Just in case I uninstalled and reinstalled the app right now, but the problem is still there.

(Kana) #11

Hi @undholio65,

Apologies for not noticing your reply!
If you are still experiencing the same issue, please message me your phone device model and the app version you’re on (you can find this on the Setting page, you can just send me the screenshot).
Can you get passed that test without seeing the typed answer?

(Undholio65) #12

Yes, I still experience the same problems. I use Google Pixel 2 phone and the app version is 2.94_6875_memrise.
Even if I’m 100% sure I type the correct answer, the result is always wrong. One thing I’ve noticed, in other lessons I can tap the textarea where the word is displayed, Android keyboard appears and I can use it to type answers. In ‘Learning with locals’ nothing happens if I tap that text area.

(Undholio65) #13

Hi again!
The app now updated to version 2.94_7107, but both problems are still there.

(Kmarun200131) #14

Hi! I started having this exact same problem yesterday, with the japanese hiragana. In the same section of Speaking with Locals. Already uninstalled/installed the app and reset the phone. Nothing works the error out.
Here is a ss.
What happens on my device is that I click the hiragana and they don’t write themselves so I cannot go forward in the lesson unless I click the arrow and have it wrong.
I am using a Galaxy A6+
Android version 8.0.0
Memrise version 2.94_7107_memrise


(Kana) #15

Hi @kmarun200131 and @undholio65 and probably a few others also!!

Thank you for these detailed reports, and I am very sorry you are having to experience this. Our developers are looking into this problem and we are hoping this bug will be resolved soon. I apologise for the inconvenience until then:(((

(Jedmckenna) #16

Hi. I am having the same problem with the pronunciation lessons. 100% wrong in Japanese 2. Maybe I’m just really bad at pronunciation, but I feel like I’m getting at least some of them correct.

(Kana) #17

Hi @jedmckenna,

I’m so sorry I missed this! Does this still happen to you?

(Jedmckenna) #18

Hi. Yes, it’s still happening.

(Kana) #19

Okay @jedmckenna,

Thank you for picking up on this! Our developers are now aware of this, so we will fix it in the coming weeks.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience until it’s fixed. Thank you for your patience!

(Edwoodnz) #20

In Japanese 3 (15 peace offering) two words are missing so there isn’t the ability to finish the course. “sorry there was an error loading the session” comes up when trying to learn the two missing words.

In pretty much all levels when it comes to audio tests. The three options are almost always “mo”, “so” and then the correct word. this is the same in other sections when it comes to choice between the correct word and a bunch of wrong words. almost always, the wrong words are the same words. no matter what the correct word is.

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