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(only an user) #997

Hi. In the new course of “Japanese 1”, level 3, there is an audio problem when learning the phrase: 人前で

In some cases, it uses the complete sentence:
which is learned later.

For example:
during learning: incorrect audio
during learning (tests): sometimes correct others incorrect
during preview: correct audio
during review: incorrect audio (I did 2 tests)

(Kana) #998

Hi @Milamy
Thank you so much for reporting this! I have fixed the audio, it should be correct now.
Thank you!

(only an user) #999

Hello @KanaTsumoto. I’d like to ask you a question. The search page for Japanese courses for British English speakers (web version) has changed since the introduction of the “Japanese 0” course. Now it only shows 15 courses.

Previously, the page showed several courses (probably more than 100): 7 official courses (Japanese 1-7) and several created by users.

A week ago, it changed to 15: Japanese 0, Japanese 1 (new + old), Japanese 2-7, and 6 user-created courses (probably the most popular ones).

And a few days ago, also 15, but with: Japanese 0, Japanese 1 (only new), Japanese 3-7, and 8 user-created courses. Japanese 2 disappeared from the screen.

Is this a bug or a rearrangement that will be fixed after including the new Japanese courses?

In the Japanese language search page for American English speakers, all Japanese courses appear (of course, official Japanese courses are for American English speakers, but user-created courses are all there).

@Voylinslife also commented the same question in the topic:

Courses - not showing all courses available
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(Kana) #1000

Hi @Milamy,

Thank you for flagging this! It is now fixed and you should be able to see all the courses you’re supposed to see now!

Can't see more courses
(only an user) #1001

Hello @KanaTsumoto. Thank you for your hard work :slight_smile:

I finished the new Japanese 1 course and found some problems. In this course also, after finishing it, it shows that 391 words have been learned, but officially the course has 393. And so, the course appears incomplete.

The problem must be different from the previous course, because within each level, it shows the number of words of the level, and the sum is 391, which is the number of words learned. In the previous problem (from Japanese 0), the sum showed the official number of words. I also have not noticed repeated words (of course, as there are many words, I may be wrong).

Another problem is that the course shows that there are 11 levels, but in reality they are 10. This is shown both on the course page and at level 10.

Finished courses show up as "unfinished"
(BlackParis) #1002

Obviusly, you can not learn a lenguaje just in memrise. But the key is listen podcasts and watch videos.

Finished courses show up as "unfinished"
(Hooktrunk) #1003

“There is a bug in Japanese 1 lesson. It shows the hiragana for “ha” and the sound is “wa”. I also filed a bug report to memrise.”

Sorry to say that this is not a bug. The hiragana ‘ha’ is mostly pronounced ‘wa’.

(Kana) #1004

Hi @Milamy,

Thank you for flagging this, and I’m sorry it took a while to respond, we had to dive deep for this one.
We are starting to see a solution for this, which hopefully will be delivered to your end very soon also.
Thank you for your patience!

(only an user) #1005

Hello @KanaTsumoto . Thank you for the response :slight_smile:

You also noticed that “japanese 0” was working perfectly, but a few days ago, it returned to display the total as 207 instead of 205? And with that, did this course also come back as incomplete? The number of levels that was correct as 5, now shows that they are 7?

Finished courses show up as "unfinished"
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Is the course "German 1" by Memrise incomplete?
(Kristoferjanke) #1006

I’m having the same issue with Japanese 0.

Also any word on when the new courses will be rolling out on US English?

(Theo) #1007

Any word on a Hiragana/Katakana only version?

(only an user) #1008

Helo @TheoLerner.
The official course “Japanese 0” is a course for beginners and only has katakana and hiragana. There are no kanji’s, except for the last level, which contains numerals in kanji.

(Tartarus0815) #1009

in Japanese 2 - lesson 16 there is the word 残念 translated into “Schande” (german). But shouldn’t it be “schade”?


(Ulysse Colonna) #1010

Hi, there a bug in Japanese 2, lesson 1: the sentence ルールがいつぱいありますね is erroneously rendered as “rūru ga sugoku takusan ari-masu ne” instead of “rūru ga itsupa ari-masu ne” or something of the sort. Best

(E Senpai) #1011

So since katakana and more kanji have been added to lessons do I have to restart everything to learn the kanji for each of the sections? There’s no way to turn katakana on on an older version of lesson 3? (I took japanese in college for a couple semesters so I learned katakana and hiragana already so I skipped to lesson 3 and it’s bothered me that words I know should be in katakana have had hiragana characters this whole time…) also I peep’d lesson 3 of the update and it looks like lots of vocab has kanji instead of hiragana… so I may know words meaning but not the proper kanji for a ton of them now which means I have to go back to learn them? Theres no way for me to just change my lessons from where I am to the updated character useage? Also in this problem the audio doesnt match what the hiragana characters say it should… has happened before. Says "na"な or “ga"が

instead of 'ni” に

(Jklingen9290) #1012


In Japanese 2, Lesson 22 in the American English course 日 , ひ is translated as fire.

In Japanese 2, Lesson 22 in the American English course 今 is translated as living room.

(Jklingen9290) #1013

The randomization algorithm is broken for jumble activities in the Japanese Course for American English. I believe that it is looking for words that start with the same character as the correct answer. It works for Hiragana and Katakana, but it breaks when the answer is kanji. Every answer is accompanied by the same 3 / 5 other vocab words: sou, ~mo, moshimoshi / hitsuyou, tasuke.

This makes a large chunk of the lessons nearly pointless because I just look for the one card that is not any of those and that’s the answer. I’ve already filled out a bug report and received no response for weeks. Please fix this.

I assume that the flashcards are simple and have no furigana associated with them. Furigana would make this problem trivial because you could match options based on their first syllable in furigana. Without furigana, it will be harder, but it could at least be grouped by length (single kanji or full sentence) or by lesson. And it could be randomized more so that it’s not the same options every time.

I’m tagging @KanaTsumoto, hopefully she can tag someone appropriate to address the issue. Thanks.

(Kana) #1014

Hi @ulysse.colonna
Thanks for spotting this!

(Kana) #1015

Hi @E_senpai

Thank you for flagging this, I have fixed the typo you mentioned in the sentence: “the doctor thinks he needs medicine”.

As for the untaught Kanjis, I am afraid we don’t yet have a mode that can efficiently teach you Kanjis. At this point, we are relying on the repetition to teach the kanji. We hope we can improve this in our future updates.

I’ve noticed that you are on the old version of our course, if you are interested in the new courses, below have different words and phrases and more videos than the old ones.

(Kana) #1016

Hi @jklingen9290
Thanks for flagging these!

The second one on the algorithm on the distractors is interesting. As you say, we should be able to fix it if we can locate where it is happening. Right now I’m having trouble reproducing this problem, could you send me some example phrases where this happens?
Thank you for flagging these!