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Thank you.

Another thing I noticed, while I’m thinking of it, is in Japanese 2, Section 22, 月 is given to us as “month” but with the reading “つき,” which if I’m not mistaken is the way you read that for “moon,” with “month” being “げつ” or ~“がつ.”

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Hi @kristoferjanke
Thank you for this as well! つき means both “the moon” and “a month” so I’ll update the translations, good catch!

it looks like it’s going to be a busy month this month

please come again in one or two months

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I’m sorry if I don’t understand something, but is it normal that the first Japanese course contains kanji and kanji words? Isn’t it too hard for absolute beginner?

(Jamc) #980

dont know if it’s “normal” but yeah, the learning curve is very steep … but after a while you get used to it.


My biggest concern is that when you review these Japanese courses. You are typing ko in english like ko instead of seeing the symbols and guessing what there actual language is.

It would really be nice to have a version or option to review them using the Japanese symbols and still type in English like you do when you learn it the first time. That way you do not have to restart the course to do that every single time.

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In Japanese 5 level 8 … there’s the word 成立 it means establishment not formation… formation is 形成… I’m not that good in Japanese but correct me if I’m wrong…


Well according to Jisho,

both meaning are correct.

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I really really really really wanna know… if i completed all memrise official Japanese courses … how many words will i know …

(Sgt Oddball) #985

I posted a topic a few weeks ago about the Japanese 1 chatbot and grammarbot attempting to teach me things that I’m nowhere near in the main course yet. I’m making a post in the course forum as this issue still hasn’t been fixed (see picture for an example).

I haven’t learnt the kanji used by the grammarbot and chatbot in the main course yet.

EDIT: Another example I just took a screenshot of:

(Kristoferjanke) #986

In Japanese 3, level 38, when you hear the natives and course narrators say “私は洗濯するのが嫌いです” they say “洗濯する” but that をis absent from what the user is asked to input. Something similar happens with 掃除します, in that the female narrator says “掃除します” but the male narrator omits the を.

(Kristoferjanke) #987

Another little thing, in Japanese 4, level 4, “遅くまで寝ます” is translated as “to have a lie in.” This is a very British phrase that doesn’t exist in Canada or the US, I actually had to look up its meaning. It’s just a style thing, but I think “to sleep in” would probably be more universally understood.

In Japanese 2, level 17 there were quite a few British-isms with the naming of the clothing as well. “Trousers” instead of “pants” (though I know “pants” in England means underwear), “jumper” instead of “sweater,” and “trainers” instead of “sneakers.”

I think having the American phrase maybe not replace, but be shown with the British one would help learners in Canada/America who aren’t familiar with British terms/slang.

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It looks like you’re doing the courses for British English speakers. You probably should be doing the courses for US English speakers.


(Kristoferjanke) #989

I had no idea there were different courses for the different dialects of English. Thanks. I feel a bit embarrassed now.

Only problem is I’ve made all my progress on the British English one. I’ll probably enroll in 5+ in US, but I’m not going to re-do 1-4 in US after having done them in British.

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Yesterday, I found the new official course “Japanese 0”. I think he has a maximum of 2 weeks.

I decided to try, but I found a bug. Officially, the course has 207 words, but after finishing the course, it reports only 205 words. And because of this, the course appears incomplete. If you try to click the “learn” button, it says: “Whoops. Could not load the session. Sorry.”

I did some testing and I think I figured out the problem.
The lvl 1 has 13 words, lvl 2 = 52, lvl 3 = 69, lvl 4 = 60, lvl 5 = 13. Sum = 207.

In lvl 3, you learn the katakana’s “ra” and “ko”. But in lvl 4, those words appear again. So the system does not add these 2 words to the total because they have already been added. So we have: 13 + 52 + 69 + 58 + 13 = 205.

Hello @KanaTsumoto :slight_smile: , I’m not sure if the post gets better here with you, or if I should have created a “web bugs” topic.

Finished courses show up as "unfinished"
(Kana) #991

Hi @Milamy,

We’ll look into this asap. Thank you for reporting!
[Edit] Please log out and log in again to see if it works now.

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Hi @kristoferjanke,

Thank you for reporting this! Please log out and log in again to see the corrected course.

(Kana) #993

Hi @SgtOddball,

Thank you for flagging this. This is actually a legacy content from our old course, we will either revise or remove this chat to fit the course content better. Thank you!

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Hi, @KanaTsumoto. The “Japanese 0” course is working correctly. Thanks :slight_smile:

There are now two “Japanese 1” courses for British English (I’m not confusing with the American version). And the picture is the same. Will the old one be disabled over time? Or will you keep both?



(Kana) #995

Hi, the old one won’t be removed but the new users will be sent to the new one. The new course is completely different from the old one.

(only an user) #996

Thanks for the answer. I’ll try the new course :slight_smile: