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(Theo) #896

I would like to suggest a hiragana only version or simply a no Kanji version. You could make a Kanji specific course later on.

(Kana) #897

Hi @gloverh,

Is this on the website? I’m trying to understand what you mean by “alternative hiragana”. Could you post a screenshot please? Thank you!

(Mr.Nader) #898

And when will that be??


Sorry for the delay in replying, I was away. Having trouble logging in to my account at the moment but I will send you one as soon as I can… Thank you!


Here it is: the ‘masu’ on the end of the little grey hiragana letters is being blocked by the flower

(Kana) #901

Thank you for this info and screenshot, we will see what we can do!

(Voylinslife) #902

I found a mistake again in the Japanese 3 course, this time for the word 全員。
The hiragana shown is ぜいいん But it should be ぜんいん

Also the level 17 should contain 15 words but only contains 13 words, what is up with that?

(David Y Sun) #903


In Japanese 7, the first kanji in 画面 seems to be written in its Chinese form. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Japanese form of the first character should be written like this: 27

(Lee Valencia) #904

Memrise has used Chinese fonts for the Japanese courses for as long as I can remember. There’s a browser extension to use your own fonts somewhere.

(David Y Sun) #905

Thanks for letting me know!

(Kana) #906

Hi @gloverh,

Which browser do you use to learn on Memrise? Thanks!

(Kana) #907

Hi @DavidYSun,

I’m sorry for this inconvenience! We have plans to change the fonts for Japanese quite soon, so it will be fixed then! Thank you for flagging it.

(David Y Sun) #908

Thank you! Your work is appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi KanaTsumoto,
I use Google mostly.

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Thank you for the reply! The website is designed to support Google Chrome and I couldn’t reproduce the problem you had on Chrome, that’s why I thought maybe you were using a browser we don’t yet fully support yet. Does the problem still happen to you on Chrome?

(David Y Sun) #913



No it doesn’t - the flower is higher and doesn’t block the letters. Thank you for your help!

(Tigerismyn) #915

There are two errors in the German course “Japanisch 5”.
In level 6 “Anführer; Anführerin” (指導者) has the sound of “Soldat; Soldatin” (兵士).
And in level 10 the translations of タグ and タグ付けします are switched.
タグ should be “Markierung (auf Facebook etc.)” and タグ付けします “markieren (auf Facebook etc.); taggen”.
Thank you.