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(Netunguito) #875

Hi I am taking the Japanese courses, I started to take the course for english speakers and I like them a lot however there are some words/Phrases that I don’t care to learn like I’m from Ireland/UK and so since I am Mexican, and some times is really slow and tiring to translate twice what I am learning. So I discovered the Japanese for Spanish speakers they are cool but have a really big problem and I think this is a big issue that should be fix in Spanish.

While you have in the english course al the foreign words like menu, banana, etc, that are written with katakana characters in the spanish course they are written with hiragana. Also there is no katakana lessons in spanish.

Is there a way to fix the course or make them similar or do you have a plan to update the courses?

Thanks for the reply in advance

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #876

I’ve noticed while doing Japanese 1 (on the web) that whenever I get prompted for a katakana character, the selection of choices invariably contains 9 hiragana characters and the 1 correct katakana character. Recognising 1 katakana character is easy and doesn’t really test your knowledge of what specific characters are.
Is this is a known issue with Memrise or this specific course?

(Kathi Thoma) #877

There is a bug in the German Japanese 1 Course, Level 6 “Menschliche Gefühle” or in the English Version “Being Human”. In the word “being dry”, the kanji is displayed correctly. In the word “being thirsty” the kanji for being dry is wrong. Should be the same kanji as before but is a different one…

(Kana) #878

Hi @netunguito
If you don’t mind learning it in European Spanish, here is the updated course content!

I’m afraid the Mexican Spanish course still follows the older syllabus, I’m sorry!

(Anagguada80) #880

I was wondering about the translation “What’s up?” for “調子わどう?”. I read somewhere that this can be translated as the casual way off saying “How’s it going?”, in the context that that person your asking is sick since the kanji for condition is in there. Just want to know why they decided to use “What’s up?” as the translation instead.
Another thing I came across was a translation that was a mix of English and hiragana. “Suzuki-Mr.はgeniusです!”: Is this right? Or am I missing something?

(Vanvu29) #881


I am wondering what is the difference between these two below courses? I have been following the one with purple thumbnail and currently at level 3, but then I found out about the other one and so confused about which one should I follow or else?

(Kana) #882

Hello @anagguada80,

I apologise for my late reply!
The second one you saw, “Suzuki-Mr.はgeniusです!””, was some kind of mistake and I have corrected it. It should be correct in your screen as well now.

For your first point, the Japanese “調子” isn’t only used to ask for conditions of health or disease. It is a general word that can be used for the condition of anything. So here, “調子はどう” means “How’s everything?/What’s up?” and the translation “what’s up” I think is appropriate for this as well as “how’s it going?”.
Other phrases that uses “調子” are…
“その調子!”: “That’s it!” “Way to go!” “Right on!”
“調子に乗る”: “to be cocky” “to push one’s luck”

(Kana) #883

Hello @vanvu29,
The one with the purple filter and the girl is now an older version of Memrise Japanese course. The other ones you found follow the updated syllabus and we recommend new users to start learning on the updated one. The difference is that they use full script and Kanji wherever possible, so in that sense, they are more challenging. If you have finished up to course 3 on the older one, you might want to try from course 2 on the new courses.

(Kentosan) #884

After I completed Course 3, it allowed me to do courses 4 to 7.

I enrolled in the courses but cannot download to my Google Pixel Android device. Are these courses the old or new Memrise courses?

(Baite) #885

I suppose you are PRO? Only PRO can download.

(Erensync) #886


I’m confused as to whether the correct Japanese translation should be ‘ちょこれーとすきですか?’ or ‘ちょこれーとすきくですか?’ ー any help would be greatly appreciated.


erensync@gmail.com !

P.S. Here’s what I’m seeing:


(88 Timothy) #887

Hi Kana,

Great to see courses 4-7 are now released! (Although a bit hard to find.)

I haven’t checked everything yet, but so far, most multiple choice questions in course 4 have the correct answer repeated for all options, not making it very challenging.

On another note, course 3, level 17 keeps telling me I need to review a word, but when I try to start a review session, Memrise crashes, both on app and web. The offending word also does not even show in the list (see below). Makes me think it was removed, but because it was set to review for me, it never disappeared. This now breaks all my reviewing for this course.

(Marcus W) #888

Those bugs are probably why level 4 is not officially released yet.

(Theo) #889

I request that they replace the Kanji characters with hiragana ones. Or at least have section on Kanji characters before using phrases in Kanji.

(Kana) #890

Hi @kentosan,

You were fast!! Those courses were not supposed to be visible to you just yet, they are not ready.
We will officially announce the release when it’s official!

(Kana) #891

Hi @erensync,

I’m afraid could not open your screenshot, but the correct one should be チョコレート好きですか? in question sentences.

(Kana) #892

Hi @88Timothy,

How does it look now? I’ve fiddled with it a little bit…

(88 Timothy) #893

Logged out and in, but there is no change. :frowning:

(Kana) #894

Thank you! We are looking into it now:)


Not sure where I’m meant to post this or if it’s just my computer being funny, but on Japanese 1 the new purple flower-growth icon is hiding the alternative hiragana that pops up on the right hand side after you answer a question. Makes it more difficult as I’ve only just started the new course with the kanji instead of hiragana.