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Hi kanatsumoto

No problem about answering with a question. The course name is “Japans 1”. I don’t know if it is important to mention, but I use the Dutch version of the course because my native language is Dutch. Here below is a screenshot of the course.

I don’t know if I should start a new thread for this question. If so, then tell me and I’ll make a new one.

I also noticed something else that maybe should be corrected. In level 12 of Japanese 1 you get to learn some new kanji. Let’s say for example the kanji 本 which has multiple meanings: origin, main, book. While doing the exercises, you have to put in the correct answers in the exact same order as the example.

For example: 本 means: origin; main; book
If the exercise asks the meaning of 本, then you have to give the answers in the exact same order: origin; main; book
If your answer is main; origin; book, then the app will say it’s wrong. I think it doesn’t matter in which order you give the multiple anwers, as long as you give all of the possible answers.

That’s the old course you’re doing; it’s not being updated anymore. Better switch to English and do the new one, which has kanji!

Hi @RiccardoMoro65,

As @88Timothy mentioned, the course you happened to have started is an older version we no longer update. The errors you originally mentioned were corrected in English, but not for other languages.
Please try the new course 1-3, which you can find from the following link. This is the current course Memrise looks after:)

This course is unfortunately not yet ready in Dutch, and is only available in English(UK), Italian, Russian, Spanish (EU), French, Portuguese(BR), Turkish, Korean, German, Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified).

I hope this helps…?


Okay, I started the updatet course in English. I have to say that I’m a little bit annoyed that I have to start from the beginning now. Maybe it’s better to disable or at least mention that the Dutch course is not the latest version? Just to let new users know that it might be better to take the updatet one if you speak one of those languages?

Thank you @kanatsumoto !

That was very interesting! I knew they were different kanjis for わかる but i didn´t know there were sutile differences of meaning between them. That was helpful and interesting!

Also, I didn´t know many people write it in kana. That´s good for us learners, haha!

Thank you very much. Have a nice day!

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Japanese 3 - Level 17
私のお母さんも時計を欲しがっています測ります (my mum also wants a watch) - 測ります at the end of the setence, which makes no sense.

I understand your frustration, and thank you so much for your suggestion!
We are planning to fix that either by updating the “Japanese for US English speakers” courses altogether or by directing people to the “Japanese for UK English speaker” courses as soon as we can. We apologise for the inconvenience until the problem is fixed.
In the meanwhile, if you are learning on the web version or on an Android phone, you can go to the page of a level and “ignore” all of the items in that level. That way, you can skip all the items you have already learned.
Here is the guideline for skipping levels:)

Hope this relieves the frustration slightly!



Hi @BrunoEmori,

Thank you for spotting that for us! It is now fixed. Where will we be without you guys?!

Happy learning!


Hello there :slight_smile:

I think I found a bug!
In the German version of Japanese Course 1 (Level 12 “Wo in aller Welt?”), there is the sentence “Ich bin Schweizer/Watashi wa suisu jin desu”. The signs and romaji are correct, but the audio file often (not every time) says “Ich bin Österreicher/Watashi wa ōsutoria jin desu”. Please do something about it :slight_smile: Thanks.

Last question: The number 0 is pronounced “zero” but written “rei”. I googled that and found out that “rei” is the on-reading, but “zero” is prefered. Then why do we learn “rei” when the audio file already says the prefered “zero”?
The number 4 is pronounced “shi” and written “shi” (also on-reading). Then why don’t we learn the pronounciation of “rei” instead of “zero” if it’s all the on-reading?
But the number 7 is pronounced and written “nana”, so no on-reading!
Is there a reason for this? It’s very confusing…

Marie :slight_smile:

there are much better courses japanese on memrise than those by memrise itself

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Hello @Engelschnecke,

Thank you very much for reporting those issues to us. We noticed those bugs and recently fixed them. To access the latest version, please log out and log in again. Please let me know if the problem still persists!

The on-reading and kun-reading of numbers can be mixed in one sequence of counting. But showing “REI” but reading it “ZERO” was a simple mistake on our end, it should be correct now.

We are always grateful of your inputs, please don’t hesitate to contact us when you find issues again.

Happy learning!


I was doing my Japanese 2 routine and as I was going through the colors section on the desktop version I noticed that certain colors have no sound, as well as the multiple choice sound questions bug out and after clicking all three buttons I am unable to click another, but if I hit next it counts it as a correct answer. As well as the Listen to the sound and click the right word questions were impossible with no sound clip, I just clicked the patterns I recognized and they were right sometimes.

The are the colors that had no sounds for me:

As well as these colors sometimes had sound:

These colors either had no sound at all or had sound on some of the questions. I hope this gets fixed, even though I know my Hiragana, for those that would still have a hard time with it they would probably get confused.

Actually ha は written Wa わ is no problem atashi without w is fine in spoken ga and ha are just changes kana gana also when you go deeper into Japanese wa means 'and in Aynu and Hira g/kana is made from Kanji hanji which is not a true accurate writing pronunciation of Spoken Japanese do not worry about written and spoken because the language we are now using roman script is the worst script for English mismash Roman does not fit with Japanese Katakana or Hirag(q)ana better to get used to it because Japanese not speak written e.g. , ne nantepe sonna qotaba iwyaneydayou better to learn Ainu Sakhalin Aynw y-e e-y-paq-as-nw an-pe an qe qy-qon wa pyrqa no an e- rw-we ne-e

Hi @Stitchels,

Thank you for flagging this up to us. We really appreciate it!
All of those colours you listed do have audios in the current Japanese course, so there must be something else that is stopping the system to play those audio files for you. Could you provide me with further information so that we can identify the issue further? Firstly, what language were you learning in? If English, is this the course you are on?

If possible, it would be super helpful if you could send me a screenshot of the issue. Please send them to me at kana@memrise.com


I’m still at the 5th level of japanese 1. But when I scroll up it says I already completed some of level 14. When I open it I can see that these are the symbols for ni, shi and go. These 3 shouldn’t be in here at all because this level is about numbers. This also explains why I sometimes had to option of choosing a number as an answer even though I haven’t learned any numbers yet. Please remove these 3 from level 14!

Those words are perfectly fine in the numbers section :wink: Because the Japanese word for “two” is 「二」, read 「に」, “ni”. The Japanese word for “four” is 「四」, which can be read as 「よん」, “yon” or 「し」, “shi”. And the Japanese word for “five” is 「五」, read 「ご」, “go”.

Hi @DylanKing1999,

Thank you for flagging this, i appreciate it. What @henning.kockerbeck says is correct, but there should be a way for us to solve this. Could you tell me if you are learning on the ROMAJI(no-script) course or the script course with Hiragana and Kanji? Thanks!


Script course I think. I just selected Japanese language option on the app. But I have learned hiragana and some kanji so far.

I’m not sure what was supposed to change. I suppose ni, shi and go are supposed to change to 2, 4 and 5?
but everything still looks the same on both my laptop and my phone.