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I personnaly used the memrise application for android, learning Japanese from the french version of the application.

It comes a moment where you learn to say “Suzuki-san is a genius”. However, when you’re reviewing the lessons and have to guess, the sentence to guess is “You are a genius” whereas the solution is “Suzuki-san is a genius”.

From what I’ve seen on the comment section of the application, it looks like this is a recurring issue, whenever there is a sentence starting with “you…” to translate, chances are that the correct answer will start with some last name.

Given the fact that it is difficult for a non japanese to learn then kanjis, it would be nice if this could be fixed so that the learning pocess would not be corrupted by this issue.


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At level 38, it says that 押す means “to pull” and 引く means “to push”.
But in Jsho dictionary shows that 押す means “to push”, while 引く means “to pull” (So it’s inverted).



I’m a bit concerned regarding the official Japanese courses. As what this thread is for; I’m a bit confused since I could not find the Japanese courses 4-7.

Are those courses up-coming or are they well-hidden, known only by special users?


Courses 4-7 have not (yet) been released.


Please forgive me if I am asking this in the wrong area. This is my first time at the memrise community.

I just finished the Japanese 1 course and my favorite part was the “Meet the Natives” section. I started Japanese 2 and it says there is no “meet the natives” section at this level. Does anyone know when it will be added?

Thank you.


I just tested and meet the natives is available on the second level of Japanese 2.


In Japanese 1, it will tell you to translate English to Japanese, but does not specify Hiragana or Romaji, leading to many mistakes.


The current version of the course has no romaji.


On Japanese 2 - Level 21: “Fuel Your Vocab: Clothes” there are two words described in English as “pants”; both ずぼん and ぱんつ. This makes the reviewing of these words into a guessing game more than anything else.


On Japanese 2 - Level 31: “Where Do You Live?” the Japanese word for never (けっして 〜せん) contains a space between けっして and 〜せん. Typing it without the space gives you an error which is really annoying. I’m assuming this is a typo and therefore reporting it here.


It sounds like you are using the old no longer updated version of the course. The current version does not have this issue.


Oh, I was not aware that there was a new version out! Thank you for the quick reply :smiley:


The new versions of these courses is a big change from the old ones, for example they now include katakana and a lot more kanji.


I’m sorry if this is kind of off-topic, but do you think the difference is big/noticeable enough to recommend to start from the new Japanese 1 and work my way through? I’m nearly done with the old Japanese 2


Yes, I think so. The new version is a lot better in my opinion.


ok so i finished 1-3 but i cant find 4-7… am i missing something? or am i not looking in the right place? help anyone?

On a side note… i seem to be using the old lesson 1-3. would it be prudent to go through them again using the revised lessons?


As said above, 4-7 are not released. Don’t expect anything any time soon, it’s been like this for years.

But yes, you should definitely do the new ones, so you learn the kanji (and some additional words). Having the knowledge of the old courses will make it easier.


I feel like certain things like ほしいですare in need of a direct translation. ほしい is an adjective, not a verb. Simplifications like this are a hindrance in the long run.