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Which Windows?


Windows 7 - this is what I use at work. When I am studying at home I use a
Mac, so I might see if it works on that.


Well I’m on Windows 10, and the method I use doesn’t exist on previous versions.
Try this link, and see if it helps.


weirdly, しょう has started converting to 翔 now… Thanks for your help.


You’re welcome I guess… :joy:


Japanese 3 lesson 32:

It says flight is kuukoubin, written as 航空便. However, doesn’t this mean air mail (read as koukuubin)? I believe the correct translation should be 空港便. This is repeated in the same lesson for the sentence: the flight is delayed.



This has been fixed a couple of weeks ago. Can you let me know if you still see the error after logging out and logging back in?



Apologies for late reply.

パンツ = underwear you wear on your butt. like knickers, thongs, boxers, trunks :see_no_evil:
下着 = all kinds of underwear (includes tank top, slips, bra… etc :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:)
ズボン = British trousers or American pants

Some fashion-forward people call trousers パンツ too. But here I decided to represent the general public and introduce the most commonly used words.


As for colours, this was changed because of a request from my boss.

薄い色 = pale/pastel colour (ie light pink, light yellow, light grey)
濃い色 = rich/deep colour (ie vivid blue, true red)
明るい色 = bright colour (ie fuschia, orange like the sun, pink)
暗い色 = dark colour (ie burgundy, dark khaki)

I hope my sad attempt at describing colours has made some sense to you… :eyes:


Hi guys,

Sorry for the general lack of communication in the past few weeks.

I’ve replied to few comments and made some corrections to the course - please log out and log back in to see the changes. If whatever you’ve pointed out is not fixed, I’m working on it now… so please wait a little longer :slight_smile:
Those items that need audio re-done will take a week or so to be fixed. Sorry about this!

I hope you’re all doing well and let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.


Those descriptions of the colours are very helpful indeed, thank you.

I realize that the old courses aren’t the priority anymore but perhaps you could confirm whether 是非〜したいです is the way of writing “ぜひ〜したいです/(I; we) would love to …” using kanji where appropriate. I’m trying to go back and fill in the kanji in words from the old course, and I’m not sure about that one.


J3L32 again, female audio for umibe says issho



是非〜したいです is definitely correct, but it does feel quite rigid, so people tend to use ぜひ more often; however in formal business settings 是非 is preferred.


Got a problem in J2 L21 (Fuel Your Vocab: Clothes).
There are two words with English translation ‘pants’. One is ずぼん meaning ‘trousers’, the other ぱんつ referring more to underwear.
The problem is with writing/multiple-choice questions where you have to write/choose the Japanese form according to the keyword. You have 50% chance you’ll get it right.

Just to clarify, It’s the older version of the course still offered in the course section. I looked in the newest version and it seems to be corrected there.


^ the old course doesn’t get updated anymore.

Mariko, could you please clarify the 航空便 = flight in J3L32? I thought 航空便 means airmail and it should have been 空港便, but after checking Google I’m not so sure that 空港便 is correct/common expression. Is it then just 便, or even フライト, or 航空便 after all?




航空便 is indeed airmail and this is totally my bad, the English got changed around and the error was never detected.

Flight in Japanese is either 飛行機 (plane - I know, sounds bit weird) or simply フライト (furaito - flight).
I will be fixing them as soon as I get the correct audio files.


The new kanji japanese 2 lesson 14 has 2 extra copies of それは私のお気に入りです all of the sudden, which don’t know that I’ve already learned that phrase.


Also, in the German -> Japanese Course 2, level 14 it is written それは私のお気に入りです, but in the audio they say あれは…


Hi @Scintilla! Do you know there is special thread for Japanese for Germans, where you can write in German



Sorry about that! This is fixed now, with audio.