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Got a problem in J2 L21 (Fuel Your Vocab: Clothes).
There are two words with English translation ‘pants’. One is ずぼん meaning ‘trousers’, the other ぱんつ referring more to underwear.
The problem is with writing/multiple-choice questions where you have to write/choose the Japanese form according to the keyword. You have 50% chance you’ll get it right.

Just to clarify, It’s the older version of the course still offered in the course section. I looked in the newest version and it seems to be corrected there.

^ the old course doesn’t get updated anymore.

Mariko, could you please clarify the 航空便 = flight in J3L32? I thought 航空便 means airmail and it should have been 空港便, but after checking Google I’m not so sure that 空港便 is correct/common expression. Is it then just 便, or even フライト, or 航空便 after all?



航空便 is indeed airmail and this is totally my bad, the English got changed around and the error was never detected.

Flight in Japanese is either 飛行機 (plane - I know, sounds bit weird) or simply フライト (furaito - flight).
I will be fixing them as soon as I get the correct audio files.


The new kanji japanese 2 lesson 14 has 2 extra copies of それは私のお気に入りです all of the sudden, which don’t know that I’ve already learned that phrase.

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Also, in the German -> Japanese Course 2, level 14 it is written それは私のお気に入りです, but in the audio they say あれは…

Hi @Scintilla! Do you know there is special thread for Japanese for Germans, where you can write in German



Sorry about that! This is fixed now, with audio.


This is fixed. Thanks!


Yes I understand this can be very confusing but I’m afraid there won’t be any further improvements on the older versions of the course.

Yes I did, but as I was not sure, whether that was the right place to report errors, I decided to post it here.
But thank you all the same! :slight_smile:

Hi there~ I’ve noticed a couple of mistakes in the Japanese 3 course. Whenever video games are mentioned the audio says ‘video game’ while the text says テレビゲーム. I’ve noticed it a couple of times now.

Also, in level 17, ‘my mum also wants a watch’ has 測ります randomly at the end.

For the phrase “what is your phone number” it says the literal translation is “youの phone-numberは whatですか?” But the Japanese version of the sentence doesn’t have the word “you” in it.

Hello, i’m new to japanese and i have no idea how to type “翔さん” (shou san) from the japanese 1 / level 6 (https://www.memrise.com/course/1389171/japanese-1/6/).

I tryed to type sho, shou, shoo, but from every possibility it gives to me i don’t have the kanji “翔” (or maybe I havn’t searched enough, there is a lot of possibility), how can I write it except by copy/paste it ?

@Yrtiop ,
You need to install the japanese keyboard to type the words.Either use Microsoft’s IME Japanese keyboard that comes with Windows (I am not an Apple person so have no idea how to install Japanese keyboard there) or install the Google IME Japanese Keyboard. If you google either keyboard you can find how to install and use them.

You get the Kanji by typing in Hiragana and a list comes down where you can select the correct Kanji.

@Yrtiop, it sounds like you are using a japanese keyboard already maybe? I’m using the google one, and I did find the kanji eventually, I just had to look a long way through. Fortunately once you’ve found it the first time it moves to the top of the list!

@colva Yes I already have the keyboard installed (I use “Mozc” for ubuntu), you typed “shou” to get the right kanji ?

I have 99 results when I type “shou”, I watched each of them carefully but there is not the kanji I search for. Maybe mozc only shows the 99 first result, and I don’t know how to have more results. So I guess for now I will just copy/paste it.

@Yrtiop, I just typed sho (しょ) and then found it from there, not shou.

What does the particle も mean/do-grammatically in this sentence? 質問をしてもいいですか?

In “Japanese 3 (No script”) level 8, gogaku is translated as language but it means the study of language.


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