[Course Forum] Japanese 1-7 by Memrise

Yep I am
they write them as “bo” an “rii” but say
"bi" and “ri”.
I’m confused too :smiley:

Hi @Kleineganz @relyat08

Thank you for your feedback regarding the chats!

First of all I’m sorry that you’re experiencing issues with the kanji @Kleineganz. The word for sugar in kanji is… Click here

  • I decided not to type it here just in case you didn’t want any spoilers :hear_no_evil: *
    The google translation you got is probably 佐藤 which is a common Japanese surname which sounds the same as the word sugar.
    The so-called pro chats are now at the experimental stage and as you can tell, they come in a variety of styles. This is also one of the reasons you’re being tested on words you haven’t learnt yet - we’re trying to decide whether we will use the feature as a reviewing feature, or a learning feature.

We initially made them in romaji so that the same chats can be implemented in both full script and romaji course. But script versions are coming out soon too!

You can’t skip chat but you don’t really need to complete them to continue learning on the course. If you don’t like them, you can just not do them.

Currently there are no plans of developing live chat feature with other users. But it’s in the list of million other cool ideas we came up with in our brainstorming sessions - kind of like leaderboard, with chat.

I hope that answers all your questions for now, and thank you so much for the feedback. It’s always nice to get opinions from the dedicated learners when we release new features.


In the course it’s written correctly as ビ(bi) and リ(ri). :slight_smile:

as you can see in my version ( which should be the latest one)
they say bo and rii :confused:

oh yeah haha sorry for that :smiley:
i’m german

Hey, I’ve fixed it now! I didn’t know that you’re on the German speakers’ course. This forum is actually for Japanese course for English speakers. We also have Japanisch forum [click here] You’re still more than welcome to post here, but it will be helpful if you clarify that if you’re on the course for German speakers so I know which course to look at :dancing_women:

Sorry for that!
First day and first post on this website :slight_smile:
But thank you very much for your help!

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Np! Thanks for letting me know and good luck with your learning!

I LOVE the live-chat idea. Hopefully someday down the line! :slight_smile:
Been looking for other places to do this, but most either cost more money, or require me to communicate during hours that I’m not really available. Also a lot of Japanese people apparently really love LINE. lol

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I started on the Japanese two course today (the newer one with all the Kana/Kanji), and I was thrown off when I was presented with different words for the same concept.

I was learning 綺麗です as “is beautiful” but then given the sentence 里保さんは美しいです. I am assuming that both 綺麗です and 美しいです mean “is beautiful” but what is the context of when they are used (or can they be interchangeable?).

kanji japanese 2 - 14 the text says それは私のお気に入りです but the audio says

well… i guess it makes sense then, just got confused since the course dont start whith the meaning of the kanji’s before suddenly applying them, anyway. I guess ill just continue the course then, ill prolly get it when i actually start getting to know some kanji. needless to say, im at the beginner stage so i belive thats the root of my confusion. But thanks alot to the both of you for solid repsonses. That clears out alot of confusion and frustration :smile:

Hi guys!

I hope you’re all doing well :cherry_blossom: The long-awaited edit function for furigana and romaji are now fixed so today I’m making corrections on all items you guys have pointed out in the last few weeks. If you can’t see the changes being reflected please log out and log in again.

I’m sorry about the confusion. I just realised it’s soooo mean to teach 綺麗です then expect you to type 美しいです a few items later. My bad! :fearful: They are indeed interchangeable in this particular context (saying that someone is beautiful), but 綺麗です can also mean clean/hygienic. I like 綺麗です better because I feel that it’s used more often in conversation. I’m going to change the item into里保さんは綺麗です, as soon as I can get my hands on the audio file. Thanks!

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How can I access the Japanese chatbot? Is it available on the Android app? I updated my Android app yesterday but the only Japanese chatbot I saw was not really a chatbot, more like a survey asking about age, gender, etc. in the Japanese 1 course. I was able to play with the Spanish chatbot though, so I don’t know why I can’t find the Japanese one.

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One question that I can’t find an answer to (probably because I don’t really know what to look for): When introducing adjectives in the form of “being angry”, “being sad” etc. in Japanese 1, they’re followed by some form of でいます or ています. I understand that ます is a politeness particle, but what is the function of that construct in this context? Is でい related to です?

And I’m getting a lot out of this course already, so thanks to everyone maintaining it! :slight_smile:

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There are i-adjectives and na-adjectives in Japanese. Maybe that’s the difference? I-adjectives can be recognised because when written, they are witten with kanji+ 1 い. Usually, na-adjectives don’t and in -i, although there are some exceptions, like genki…

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Hi @Kevin_Thoma13, the ~でいます and ~ています is not a form of です but simply the ~て form of a verb followed by います, indicating a state comparable to the English ~ing.


Hi haikela,

The chats are only available on the new Japanese courses. The new Japanese courses are available in either full script (contains hiragana, katakana and kanji - I would recommend this course)


romaji only course (for people who want to skip the script entirely)


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Oh. Thanks a lot, Mariko, for linking to the new course. I thought the one I was using was the new one, apparently not. :smiley:

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From what I can tell, there are two seperate Japanese courses made by Memrise. One has a purple thumbnail, and when I search japanese on the android app, it is the first you see. The other has a pink thumbnail and is the first course you see when you search Japanese on the web browser. It looks like the pink thumbnail version has more words available, but I am well into the purple courses (currently 3/4s done Japanese 2). Is there really much difference between the two courses? If so, is it possible for me to transfer my current progress from the purple courses to the pink courses, or should I just start level 3 as the pink course?

Thank you!