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Thank you! I didn’t know that the bots weren’t developed anymore. I must have missed the announcement.


I have been using the premium app happily for over a year now. Thanks to the team for addressing all of my issues.

I have a few more bugs / feature suggestions. These might be universal to all courses, so maybe this feedback can be redirected elsewhere.

  1. Bug: On a listening exercise, after I choose an answer and hit check and it is correct, if I try to hear one of the other answers again, it disables the continue button and I am forced to exit the lesson. I think it would be nice to be able to listen to the other options after answering.

  2. Bug-ish: The grammar lessons show up as needing review, but they are not reviewable. In my course selection menu, it constantly says there are 3 cards to review even though there are no cards to review. For example, my Japanese 0 always says there are 3 cards to review. I believe those are the 3 grammar cards in the course:

  3. Feature: During typing lessons, the kana/kanji keyboard is always the same. This means that for shorter cards like kanji, I can get the right answer without looking at the buttons at all. This is especially true for the difficult words exercises, where I have to input the same words multiple times. I think the keyboard should be shuffled up each time so that the only pattern I can identify is the actual contents of the buttons.

Thanks for your responsiveness!


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Hi @jklingen9290

アケオメ!Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for flagging these up :muscle:

  1. I can see this happen on other Android devices as well. The ‘bug’ happens because the test was not designed to allow learners to play the other non-correct audio options after checking the answer. I will bring this up with the developers and decide how we want to design the UI if we are intentionally allowing learners to play the other options after checking. We want to avoid making it unnecessarily confusing.

  2. Big apologies for this. We haven’t had enough resources to enable the review option for Grammar just yet. We’ll update you once the situation changes.

  3. I’ll get back to you on this!


Can’t see a reply anywhere, so …

テレビゲーム is the Japanese for “video game”, according to at least one dictionary.

It sounds like you have the “British English” version of the course? The “underground” is very much what we call an underground railway here. A “subway” is for walking underneath a road.

We also call those trains the “fast” and “stopping” trains :slight_smile:

It is indeed a fairly generic term, but to be fair, so is “coat” :slight_smile:

上着 on jisho.org says

  1. coat; tunic; jacket; outer garment

コート can refer to a “coat” or a “coating” just like the English word (e.g. as in a coat of paint).

I am using British English, I’m not sure if the American English has been updated yet or not. I did note that the subway is called the underground in parts of Europe/England, but that “an underground train” could imply the train itself and is somewhat ambiguous, rather than the underground as a transit system, and I believe “地下鉄” refers to the system, rather than a train that runs on the system. I perhaps didn’t express myself properly, but I think referring to it as “the metro/the underground/the Tube” would be better than “an underground train,” as that clears up any confusion as to whether it refers to a transit network or not.

Oh, I see!

Yes, in this case “the Underground” is probably the safest translation (the 鉄 refers to the rails, I believe, just like the French chemin de fer or “iron road”).



I’d like to report a translation mistake in Memrise Japanese 3 (level 6), if you could fix it, please.
I took a screenshot :

As you can see, 交差点 is translated “descente d’autoroute”, which doesn’t mean anything in french.
The right translation would be “carrefour, intersection, croisement”.


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Just noticed one error in the Japanese 3 course in french, level 6.

The sentence 里保さんは話すのが速すぎです shall be translated into “Mlle Riho, vous parlez trop vite” and not “vous parlez trop vite”.

[EDIT: previous topic: Error in one sentence in Japanese 3 (french) ]

In Japanese 1 in lesson 15 “Wörter und Phrasen”, it should read “Die letzten Katakana”, instead of letzetn. Just a typo i guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing!

[EDIT] Previous topic: Learn Japanese in German subtitle typo

Japanese 1 in German
should be
as 才 is sai, but ォ is o

Thanks for fixing! :slight_smile:

I have been getting frustrated when doing the pronunciation portion the lesson. “Ano-” is always saying that I’m not pronouncing it right. Ridiculous since it’s the easiest word. Any way this can be fixed?

I’m using the Android app. I’ve finished Japanese 3 - 16 (“Contamination!”). When I try to go on to 3 - 17 (“Cracking Kanji”) I get an error (“Sorry, there was an error loading the content!”). If I skip past it, 3 - 18 (“Phrases: Impress Them!”) seems to work OK.

Is 3 - 17 broken?

Can you check if you have the latest update installed? Should be 2.94_18339_memrise
This sounds surprisingly similar to a bug the Chinese course recently had, where all the levels teaching you Chinese characters wouldn’t work (Classic Review and Speed review not working)

That bug has been fixed by an update today.

I think you’re right. I have that version and it now seems to be working. I guess the update fixed it. Thanks.

Hola, hay un error en una de las frases del nivel 2 de japonés en español.
Pone 13 y debería de poner 30 años.
Gracias :slight_smile:

EDIT: Japanese 2 for Spanish (Spain) speakers - level 22 https://www.memrise.com/course/1389211/japones-2/22/?action=next

In Japanese 3 – Keeping busy 大好きです is translated as “to love”, which probably warrants a correction.

In Japanese 3, British Version - “We’re Going To…”, 他 is listed in Romanji as “Ta”, which seems like a mistake.

@KanaTsumoto In Japanese 5, British Version - “Exploration”, 一番良い思い出は何ですか? Is translated into “what was your best experience?”. Should it not be “what is your best experience”? Or is the past tense implied?