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@KanaTsumoto In Japanese 2, level 12: The phrase 人を助けろ仕事です uses the wrong sound byte. When it reads it out to you, it just says 助ける。

Hi @Tom_is_Wise
Yes, you are wise (and true to your handle name!).
I’ve updated the course based on your suggestions. If you are on your app, you will have to log out and log in again to see the changes. Thanks for flagging these!


So in Japanese 3, Level 4, “Can I pay by card?” is translated as “カードで払えますか?” whereas in the new Japanese 2, level 4, “Can I pay by card?” is translated as “カードは使えますか” As far as I understand it, the one from Japanese 3 is more literally “Can I pay by card?” whereas the one in Japanese 2 is more literally “Can I use my card?” I think there should be come kind of rectification between these or a change of the Japanese 2’s translation, since they both amount to the same thing when asked, but are technically not exactly the same thing, and this could confuse people taking the one course after the other.

Good day.
Can @KanaTsumoto or anyone else please answer whether there is any chance of grammar courses being realeased on the website within, say, 1 month? It is especially important since now there is a significant discount on yearly subscription, so there is every reason to subscribe even if I will not use it much in the next month or two, but not so much if grammar review is not even on the horizon.

Thank you in advance.

In a similar trend to my last post, in the old Japanese 2, level 17, we learn that “coat” is “コート” and “jacket” is “ジャケット,” but in the new Japanese 2, level 4, we learn that “jacket” is “上着.” Is 上着 more of a generic term for “outerwear” in general? It kind of seems like it would be.

Hi @shinatama1,

Thank you for considering to subscribe :relaxed:
To your question; whether Grammar mode will be available on Web in the next 1 month, the answer is no I’m afraid.
Grammar mode is a subscription feature on the app for the moment and we don’t have immediate plans to make it available on web.


Hi, is there a timeline for the release of the new version of Japanese 3-7 so they would be similar to Japanese 0-2?

In Japanese 2, level 8, we have “快速電車” translated as “a fast train” and “各駅停車” translated as “a slow train that stops at every stop.” I think a better description for these would be “An express/rapid service train,” and “A local/commuter service train” since these seem to have little to do with the actual speeds the trains are capable of going at, and more to do with how frequently they stop. People generally know that express/rapid service trains make fewer stops in order to complete the line faster compared to local/commuter service trains that stop at every stop.

Another one is “地下鉄” as “an underground train.” This one might just be the fact that I’m not British, but I’ve seen that translated as “subway” before. I know that in Europe it’s sometimes called the metro, the underground, or the Tube, but “an underground train” to me just seems like a weird way to describe the subway. It seems so literal that it might be misinterpreted.

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Hi, in the iOS version of Japanese 1, Lesson 16, “Sites to See!” the word “souvenir” in the sentence “I want to buy souvenirs” is misspelled “souvernirs”.

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Thx. The iOS Official Memrise Japanese Course is completely different than the official web version, and it is to the iOS version I was addressing.

I had some trouble even finding the iOS Official Memrise Japanese course forum. I still don’t know what’s going on, but thanks for helping.

I have never noticed that before that the iOS course is different. Doesn’t that make studying difficult?

Note, the Android and the iOS app have a features like Grammar bot and Learn with the Locals that webversions (as far as I know) do not offer. The ‘classic’ flashcard features, i.e. memorizing words/phrases I until now believed to be same content…

Still, if the link to the course is Memrise Japanese, any remarks and questions can be posted in the ‘Course Forum’ thread.

Yes, I had to give up on the web version mostly because the vaunted “SRS” doesn’t work on Japanese 1 - you just review the same words every day forever.

Also, as u say, there is no Grammar feature on the web version.

It’s too bad though because I can hardly read the Kanji on the iOS or Android versions, and am probably ruining my eyes for life.

Speaking of the Grammar feature, I’ve just about finished Japanese 1 and I’m wishing to God they would deal with the Te-form. Does it come up in Jap 2 do u or anyone know? I can’t figure out how to find the iOS/Android Official Memrise Jap forum to ask.


This is the course forum: [Course Forum] Japanese 1-7 by Memrise

When you say that you get the same words again day after day, it makes my wonder. The review will give the same words over and over in two cases:
(1) the course is very small: there is nothing else to review
(2) the learner has learned only a small number of words; hence there is only a little to review, as it only reviews learned words. In that case, it’s simple time for learning more
Makes me wonder: are you not accidentally doing another course then the Japanese by Memrise one?

BTW: I found out that my information that there is no Grammar or Chat bot on the website is incorrect (unless it has been removed). I found this picturein an old post; notice the yellow and purple button on the left to access the bots:

To be complete: this is a search for the current Japanese (for English speakers) by Memrise:

Anyway, you may give any comments on the link I shared above. It’s best to leave you comments there, so the people who monitors that thread are more likely to see it then our discussion here.
@KanaTsumoto Could you shine some light on this issue? Thank you!

The Godan verb with u ending (whatever that means) しまう apparently meaning “to do accidentally” comes out of nowhere here and the translation needs tidying up. Thanks.

Not many Anglophones would say “spacial” or “spatial” when they mean “spacious”. Thx.


Hi @John_Baite,

To the point of the Grammar availability on web, our old feature “Grammarbot/Grammar Chat” exists for some older courses but we are not planning to update them or scale them in the time being. The newer courses have “Grammar levels” that are currently only available on mobile platforms. We hope this will become available for web soon as well.


Thank you! I didn’t know that the bots weren’t developed anymore. I must have missed the announcement.


I have been using the premium app happily for over a year now. Thanks to the team for addressing all of my issues.

I have a few more bugs / feature suggestions. These might be universal to all courses, so maybe this feedback can be redirected elsewhere.

  1. Bug: On a listening exercise, after I choose an answer and hit check and it is correct, if I try to hear one of the other answers again, it disables the continue button and I am forced to exit the lesson. I think it would be nice to be able to listen to the other options after answering.

  2. Bug-ish: The grammar lessons show up as needing review, but they are not reviewable. In my course selection menu, it constantly says there are 3 cards to review even though there are no cards to review. For example, my Japanese 0 always says there are 3 cards to review. I believe those are the 3 grammar cards in the course:

  3. Feature: During typing lessons, the kana/kanji keyboard is always the same. This means that for shorter cards like kanji, I can get the right answer without looking at the buttons at all. This is especially true for the difficult words exercises, where I have to input the same words multiple times. I think the keyboard should be shuffled up each time so that the only pattern I can identify is the actual contents of the buttons.

Thanks for your responsiveness!


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Hi @jklingen9290

アケオメ!Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for flagging these up :muscle:

  1. I can see this happen on other Android devices as well. The ‘bug’ happens because the test was not designed to allow learners to play the other non-correct audio options after checking the answer. I will bring this up with the developers and decide how we want to design the UI if we are intentionally allowing learners to play the other options after checking. We want to avoid making it unnecessarily confusing.

  2. Big apologies for this. We haven’t had enough resources to enable the review option for Grammar just yet. We’ll update you once the situation changes.

  3. I’ll get back to you on this!


Can’t see a reply anywhere, so …

テレビゲーム is the Japanese for “video game”, according to at least one dictionary.