[Course Forum] JACT Reading Greek <Hardcore> by dysaniac

Hi dysaniac,
There seems to be a typo in level 6. I believe it should be βάρβαρος instead of βάβαρος.
Thanks for the great course!

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Hi dysaniac, the audio is interesting and useful. However in level 38, the English for some of the words is incorrect , for τούτων you have “of these/him” him is not plural! in fact τούτων is used for masculine, feminine and neuter so “of these” is what is needed. You should not have three different entries fir this word.
I jumped in at that level, I haven’t done the earlier levels.

Hi @dysaniac , are you on this forum?

Yes, I come to report also a few mistakes about the course but seems the guy who made the course has gone. I think I will leave the course cause basically is not truthful

Hi, Did you receive any feedback?
This is such an excellent course but there are words that are not correct in 4c-d.
How do we fix it?

I’ve marked the wrong words in level 9 to be ignored (you can do that on the webpage).
Let’s start a list:

Level 9 (Vocal 4C-D)
βασιλεύς, ὁ should be “king”
βωμός, ὁ should be “altar”
δοῦλος, ὁ should be “slave”
ἐπικαλέομαι should be “call upon (to witness)”
ἱερόν, τό should be “sanctuary”
ἱκέτης, ὁ should be “suppliant”
κῆρυξ (κηρῡκ-), ὁ should be “herald”