[Course Forum] Italština pro samouky 1-5 + zvuk by ZdenekL (Italian for Czech Speakers)

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this how I make always the same mistake. I wrote the answer and it said it is a mistake. Give the keyboard back.

When I want to this up-date - I can use the paper & pencil.


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Hi @JANI.M - Which course is this in? I think it should be corrected to È’abbastanza. (accent and no gap)

Cc @MatildeBC - can you help clarify if this is correct, please?


it´s this course

Thanks very much.


Hi @JANI.M , re the first course, you need to contact @ZdenekL, the course creator.

Ok, thanks for answer.

In am an Italian beginner. I began in October.

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I have managed to split your comments for you. I hope you agree.