[Course Forum] Italienska 1 - 7 by Memrise (Italian for Swedish speakers)

In the 4th official Italian course for Swedish speakers, level 6, there are a few words/frases that are totally wrong:

importante - vill du prata om din hälsa?
interessante - jag vill inte prata om mitt kärleksliv
curioso - berätta om ditt förhållande

Please fix!

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I didn’t find any course forum thread for these Italian courses, so I made one out of this one.
@Lien or anybody else who knows can now tag Italian specialist. I think Swedish specialist is @LenaE, am I correct?

Within this thread you can type in Swedish, no need to explain things through English

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@MatildeBC, can you have a look please?

Ciao @Jan-ErikJ
I’ll get @LenaE to have a look at these asap! Thanks for reporting it!


In Italienska 1 there is

pensi - du tror
pensate - du tror

it should be
pensate - ni tror

It’s at the moment impossible to know which one is asked for.

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I can confirm these items have now been corrected like so:

importante - viktigt
interessante - intressant
curioso - nyfiken; konstig

Thanks for reporting it.

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I’ll liaise with @LenaE on this. Thanks for reporting it!


@MatildeBC Thanks for correcting!

I have now encountered two more words, this time in level 5 of Italienska 4, that need to be fixed:

la discussione =/= vi kan alltid prata om vädret
la vita amorosa =/= italienare älskar att prata om mat

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Thanks @Jan-ErikJ

@LenaE is looking into this! :slight_smile:


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It’s fixed! When I looked in the android app this morning the wrong words were still there, but when I went to the web version I saw that the words had been fixed. I guess it just takes a little time for the update to reach the app. I have experienced the delay in my own courses.

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Here you are! This is where you can post any suggestions, complaints or other feedback :slight_smile:


I have found some more errors. This time in Italienska 5, Level 3:

The translations of the first five words, “andare in pensione” etc. are totally off.

Can @MatildeBC and @LenaE have a look please? :slight_smile:

Jan-Erik, you are such a star! Thank you for finding these weird typos, I’ve re-translated them so they should go live after the next update. Happy holidays, cheers Lena


Level 34 in Italienska 3 seems to be quite off in most of its translations. For example both phrases “avete impegni per oggi pomeriggio?” and “io e mia mamma guardiamo il mio programma televisivo preferito” translate to “min mamma och jag ska titta på mitt favoritprogram på teve” (the latters seems more likely to be correct). The phrases that I belive are correctly translated are the fifth one “mi annoio” and the final five ones. Will you please take a look at these, @Lena_Margareta21 ?


Course 3, level 34 is complety incorrect translated in the beginning of the level, several words and sentences. For example annoiarsi translated to “vill du följa med, eller vadå?”

Course 5, level 16; giocavate ska översättas till ni spelade.

Aren’t there anyone looking at and correcting the errors reported? The same error still persists a year later.

@MemriseSupport, @MemriseMatty: here’s another official course with errors that you guys should tend to.


The app has been working very well so far, but on level 34 in the course Italienska 3 (Swedish) many of the words/sentences are totally wrong.

har du några planer senare

avete impegni per oggi pomeriggio?
min mamma och jag ska titta på mitt favoritprogram

ho un impegno
mina vänner och jag ska ut och ta en drink

en slags; en sorts…


Please fix! If it continues like this the app will be completely useless.

Btw, you should really consider adding a feature where you can report issues directly in the app when you first discover the problem :slight_smile:

I’m using the iOS app, v2.3.36.7348

/ Erik

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Hej Erik!

Could you post a link to the course you are doing? It sounds like you are doing one of the courses made by the memrise team, but I am not sure.

Unless you inform people about exactly which course you are referring to, nobody will be able to change a thing. There are LOTS of Italian courses!