[Course Forum] (Italian) Proverbs & Sayings by SusanSands7

Please post questions about this course by @susansands7 below

May 2023 - now supported by DW7

Would @SusanSands7 be willing to allow me to be a Contributor to do a little enhancing of her course?

Have a look at other courses I support for an example.


Interestingly enough the proverb in the starting picture of this course, viz.

Non dire gatto se non ce l’hai nel sacco.

occurs in the course itself in a way that is both full of errors and totally senseless. Could you fix it, please? Many thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sadly I am still waiting for @SusanSands7 or @MemriseSupport to make me a Contributor to allow me to support this course.

Sorry for bothering you as I couldn’t imagine that they would have neglected your humble wish so far to act as a contributor for the abandoned course above. Anyway, many thanks to you for your readiness to do so, no matter how the story here goes on.

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That’s okay @xjohnny1, sorry we can’t help but @sandslane and I do support a lot of other Italian courses you might like to try.

Update I am now supporting this course.

If you @xjohnny1 can list any problems with possible corrections I’ll have a look at them in due course.


Thanks for all your efforts concerning this matter. Currently I can only point out though that horrible mistake (cf. my original message of Apr 3)

!!!Non dire quattro se non l’hai nei sacco!!!

that should be correctly

Non dire gatto se non ce l’hai nel sacco.

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Hi @xjohnny1 thanks for ‘spelling’ that out ( :joy:) - I had missed the significance of the error!

It’s now corrected (although you might see it as a wrong dummy answer still, of course).

I’ve not got onto that course yet, but very happy to address any issue if you or I find them.


Thanks for your quick response.

Believe it or not though, those two errors you corrected by now are still not all of them. The last two words of the phrase in question should be

… nel sacco.

Note that “nei” (mind the letter i in the end!) would be plural in italian, whereas “sacco” ist singolar. Hence the original construction “… nei sacco” doesn’t fit together and “…nel sacco” is correct. But I dont blame you for that, I know it’s hard to believe that one can make 3 stupid errors in one short sentence!

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Thanks - perhaps highlight like I have yours in future as I even read “i” as “l” !!!

Hopefully that is the only phrase that had typos in it.

I assume you are German - so hope you don’t mind me helping by saying “ist singolar” should be “is singular”.

I’ll delete this once you’ve seen it.

“No soon said than done.” corrected to sooner