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Please let me know of any errors or suggestions for any of my courses (or any I am supporting if the creator can’t be contacted).
Please could you tell me the level if possible, as well as which course when you feedback.
Courses I am supporting and teaching are listed here :-



Hi, one of the words in

is suffering from the comma bug.

I don’t know the level I’m afraid (I think you can search?) but it’s

le mutande, la biancheria intima



… or alternatively, feel free to add me as a contributor to that course, and I can help fix it. I’m dealing with the commas in
as I find them, as I’m already a contributor on that.

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@Sandslane I’m going through the ‘Intermediate to Advanced Italian’ adding ‘_word’ to the memes that have commas and brackets to bring the course back to normal user-friendly usage, adding a ✓ where appropriate. If you could help out that’d be great… Pat


@colva Done! - plus I’ve just been through the course and done all the others I find putting in obliques and also adding them separately as individual hidden alternatives - foolproofing! I’ve also added dividers where there are bracketed words and done hidden alternatives too. Hopefully I’ve got them all.

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@colva I am also working through this course. I am clarifiying a lot of the words and adding alternatives where needed. I am changing the commas too - I’ve been through levels 1-40 with a fine toothcomb. I’m doing a few levels a day.


@Patrizioso I’ll do as much as I can - I’m working through a few courses at the moment. what a nightmare!

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@sandslane Tell me about it! I’m doing my newspapers course mainly this evening. If you can find time, could you start from the end of the course and go backwards while I go forwards?

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@Patrizioso will do!

Thanks for the help. I’m up to the end of the Harry Potter books as from this evening.

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Hi @sandslane, I’ve just started your isc or no isc course

and there’s a typo in level 5: you have “perferisco” in place of “preferisco”. Any chance of getting it fixed? Thanks so much!

Oops - and another one. You have “ineseguo” instead of “inseguo”, on the same level.

@colva thanks so much for spotting those I’ve corrected them. You can check and check your own courses but don’t spot mistakes yet any one else’s seem obvious!

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@colva - Can you let me know too if you think the verbs aren’t obvious from the English - I’ve tried to make it really clear which verb making the English as precise as possible and put any ire alternatives where I’ve thought of them but there are so many synonyms!!

No problem, will do. Thanks for the course! I think memrise is almost better for this kind of grammar (verb conjugations) than it is for vocab.

The one thing I’m noticing at the moment is that I keep forgetting to put the io, tu, lui in the subjunctive, I’m not 100% sure why you required them there but not anywhere else?

It’s to do with the endings. In the subjunctive singular they are all the same so unless the rest of a sentence they are used in makes it clear you can not tell which person (I you he etc) it refers to. So the addition is a clarification tool a bit like with possessive adjectives you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between it’s his cat and it’s her cat. Unless there was another clue in the text you might have to add clarification.

I did debate about not including the pronouns but thought for this particular course it was better. I suppose I could add them without pronouns as alternatives. I will have a think!

At the moment I’m updating and clarifying other courses still after memrise changed the formats you could use a while back.


Oooh, and whilst we’re on disambiguations, in https://www.memrise.com/course/23140/italian-conjugations/
I always get confused by “I could have” = avrei potuto.

I tend to mistake it for “I would have”. I think maybe “I would have been able to” might be a clearer definition?

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Just found one more in the isc or no isc.

aborrire abborro (the second one should be aborro, with no second b).

Done the aborro. There are a few possibilities for avrei potuto - I could have is quite common. I could add the one you suggest to the English as an extra - you don’t happen to know which level it is??


Found avrei potuto and amended it


In the isc no isc course, mentire is in twice (levels 6 and 8). Once it’s in with all 3 options, with the comment that no isc is more common, and once it’s in with only mento. Could you fix this? I guess just delete one of them. Thanks so much!