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(Pietro F) #84

Ciao Matilde,
Penso di aver trovato un altro errore:

Italian 7 - Level 4 - Fuel Your Vocab: Arguments

  • sincere - sincere; honest

Penso che la parola giusta sia “sincero”, non è così?
I don’t know why I failed to notice it sooner! :smirk:


(Matilde Bc) #85

Ciao @PietroF,

Grazie di avermelo fatto notare! I had already fixed it for more recent courses, but had forgotten to do so for English. Thanks again. :blush:


(Hallgat89) #86

Italian 4:
If questo == this and quello == that then
"gli abbiamo già fatto questa domanda" - "we already asked him that question"
Shouldn’t be “this question”?

(Matilde Bc) #87

I’ve thought about this before actually! The problem is that both “we already asked him that question” in English and “gli abbiamo già fatto questa domanda” in Italian sound the most natural to me. When I change either deictive the sentence starts to sound slightly odd to me. I was hoping that the literal translation would be enough to show the difference between the source and the target languages. However, I understand that for a learner this might turn out to be rather confusing, so, if no one has anything to object (let’s do this democratically haha), I’ll follow your suggestion and change the English item into this question. It sounds odd to me, but definitely less so than changing the Italian into “gli abbiamo già fatto quella domanda” :slight_smile:


(DW7) #88

Hi Matilde

I think Hallgat means:

Currently “I would like some breakfast please” = “vorrei qualcosa per colazione per favore”

LITERALLY (I think):
“I would like some breakfast please” = “vorrei un po’ di colazione per favore"
vorrei qualcosa per colazione per favore” = I would like someTHING for breakfast please "

Hope that explains what he was saying.

(Hallgat89) #89

In italian 4, the english sentences are missing important words:

Mi piacciono i film drammatici, ma preferisco le commedie. <-> I like drama, but I prefer comedies.

Giocare a tennis, ma le piace di più andare in barca a vela. <-> She has a good time playing tennis, but she likes sailing more.

(Matilde Bc) #90

I’m afraid here I’ll have to stick to the current translations. Un film drammatico is a drama in English, and andare in barca a vela is just sailing. I could change the Italian into andare a vela, but at the moment I can’t edit target language items. I’ll note it down and change it as soon as I can. In the meantime, may I suggest to use literal translations as a cue of target language word order and structure? I personally find them very useful in that respect :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your input @hallgat89! Much appreciated :smiley:


(ramajana) #91

Italian 2 by memrise… every time after word supermarket, app on my phone freezes. I have to go out of it and get back in.

(Matilde Bc) #92

Ciao @ramajana,

That looks like a bug to me, thanks for reporting it! Could you please tell me model and OS version of the device you’re using? That’ll help QA reproduce the issue and make it easier to be fixed.

Thanks a lot,

(ramajana) #93

android, htc one m8

(Julian Webber) #94

I’ve been doing Memrise for a few years, back even when it was free. I even offered to invest. I think it’s a marvelous thing.

I don’t understand why you can’t have a “report an error” button on each question as per Duolingo. It may take a few weeks but those guys manage to read and fix (or not) the reported errors.

I’m doing Italian 1-7 and there are lots of irritating mistakes. If that sounds arrogant I’m sorry but I’m a motivated learner with an Italian wife so I think I can check the errors.

It would take too long to come out of the lesson, go onto the forum and send the message and anyway i’d feel like a wonk with too much time to spare. But the lack of same means you’re missing the chance to fix stuff and that feels like a shame.

Especially since I’m now paying for it.

Oh well…

But keep up good work and best of luck…

(Petermuster550) #95

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well!

I think I found a small pronunciation error in one of the videos, but I’m not sure:

Italian 3; Level 3
dove stai andando?

A man with a white beard seems to say dove sei andando? instead of dove stai andando?. I compared it to the other voices saying the same sentence and they seem to pronounce it correctly.

(Pietro F) #96

Ciao Matilde,

Italian 7 - Level 28 Producing Things

Non credo che questa traduzione sia giusta:

drasticamente - dramatically

Forse la parola inglese dovrebbe essere “drastically”

Grazie in anticipo

(Andreasegreto) #97

Poderia, por favor, verificar em Italiano - Português:

Nível 5-21
-Você- fez uma bagunça = -Ho- fatto un casino

Nível 7-22
I costi = os cursos

Nível 6.24
Acertar = azzeccarci ou azzeccare?

Sugestão: em Italiano 3, me parece que “serratura” ficaria melhor como “fechadura” em lugar de “cadeado”


Inviato da iPhone

(ruby2wings) #98

Ciao Matilde,

In Italian 3 > Level 27:

quanto costa quello? how much does that cost?

The literal translation currently says “how-much that costs.”

The literal translation seems more like “how-much costs that” (just swapping the last two words).

What do you think?

Grazie mille! :slight_smile:

(Petermuster550) #99

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all fine! I have some suggestions for additional solutions:

##[EN - IT] Italian 3; Level 6; Found in Space

[IT] posso farle una domanda?
[EN] can I ask you a question?

Suggested addition:
[IT] posso farti una domanda?


[IT] può parlare più lentamente per favore?
[EN] can you speak slower please?

Suggested addition:
[IT] puoi parlare più lentamente per favore?


[IT] parla troppo velocemente
[EN] you speak too quickly

Suggested addition:
[IT] parli troppo velocemente

(Matilde Bc) #100

Ciao @ruby2wings,

Grazie! You were absolutely right, I’ve now changed the literal translation for that item :blush:


(Matilde Bc) #101

Ciao @petermuster550,

Thanks for spotting this!! I’ve now added the informal version as an alternative :smiley:


(Matilde Bc) #102

@IgCostaBR Could you take a look a this when you have a moment? Thanks :smiley:

(Matilde Bc) #103

Ciao @petermuster550,

It’s a bit tricky, but the man with the beard does say Dove stai andando? . I think that big beard is muffling the t sound :sweat_smile:

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to report this :smiley: