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(Mila83) #230

Ciao! @MatildeBC
In Italian 3, level 15:
cento centimetri corrispondono a un metro

there are 100 centimetres to a metre

I wonder if we can say: Ci sono cento centimetri in uno metro?

Also, I heard someone in the course reading the “c” in cento and centimetri differently? I thought it is always pronounced “tch”?

Grazie mille!

(Xjohnny) #232

I have just completed the Memrise Course in Italian 1, but never saw the last two options Chatbots and Grammarbots active, though being Pro. Is this normal?

(Patrik Ja) #233

Ciao! There seems to be several errors in the swedish translations of Italian 3 (Italienska 3). For instance: ‘dopo’ is translated ‘trädgårdsarbete’ (‘garden work’); I believe it should be ‘senare’, ‘efter’. Both ‘ho un impegno’ and ‘io e i miei amici usciamo a bere qualcosa’ have the translation ‘mina vänner och jag ska gå ut och ta en drink’. And ‘annoiarsi’ is translated ‘vill du följa med, eller vadå?’ (‘do you want to come with [us], or what?’).

(Patrik Ja) #234

After almost two weeks, it would be nice with some sort of answer.

(Fanny Sta) #235

Thank you @Fred_O_o,

Apologies for the late reply. This is now corrected :slight_smile:

Best regards,

(Mari) #236

Italian- Japanese course

Piacere, sono Mari di Giappone.
Mi sto divertendo Memrise ogni giorno.
I reporto some erroes of Japanese.

Level 2 confusione: Vorrei, Vorremmo

Level 3 confusione: dimagrire, ingrassare

Level 3 il castello
F”shima” V“shiro” in giapponese

(Xjohnny) #237

I have got a problem with Italian 1 by Memrise (based on British English). There are 19 levels, but only 18 levels are available for me. In fact, I have learnt 466/482 words by now, but the remaining ones don’t show up if I press “Learn new words”. Is this a common problem with this course or is it only me who has to deal with it for some reason? Furthermore, I would like to know if there is anything I can do to bypass it, because this is really annoying. I’m a paying pro user btw.

(Mary Russ) #238

Italian 7 for English speakers, Level 26.

datato -> outdated.

In my opinion, it’s good to add a synonym dated.

(DW7) #239

Not sure if this has come up before but Italian 7 @MatildeBC

Level 1 has

Polite = educato

I always thought polite was gentile and educato was educated so I have learned something.
(But I guess this is to distinguish it from gentile = gentle.)

How about cortese for polite?

Dolce = sweet but isn’t that only for food not relationships and Level 1 is falling in love?
Would amabile, piacevole or grazioso be suitable?

Level 7

I am unfamiliar with to report = denunciare.

What about riferire (but that sounds like refer), riportare (but that sounds like return), REpportare (ditto), fare rapporto (to make a written report), cronaca (to chronicle) or segnalare (signal)?

Guess denunciare (to denounce) is a good choice.

Level 10

Why is internet = internet and NOT L’internet ?

All other words have the definite article.

It should at least be an alternative for when typing.

Do the MemRise team still visit this official thread of their official courses?

Has @MatildeBC left?

(DW7) #240

Why do we NOT get points when clicking the correct audio clip (out of three options)?

Or when selecting the correct answer having heard the video clip.

(But the flower shoot does grow).

Ive added it as Bug report here.