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(Pepijnvandeport) #208

Typo in italian 5 (for Dutch)

we woonden in Amerika, maar we we verhuisden

needs to become

we woonden in Amerika, maar we verhuisden

(By the way: Memrise is fun and great value for money)

(Pepijnvandeport) #209

and while I am at it:

in Memrise italian 5 (Dutch) :

se (se nevica) is translated as of

should be (according to the dictionary)



of is o

(Ajr528556) #210

When doing a review with audio on Italian 3 two problems come up:

1, When the word is “il Paese” is given, you get both choices of town and country. Since it is the same word for both, you have a 50% chance of guessing the right one.

  1. When “è possibile” is given, three choices come up: “è possibile”, “è possibile?”, and “è possibile…?”. There is no way of knowing which one the app wants.

Can you correct this?


(Lien) #211

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(DW7) #213

Hi @pepijnvandeport

Typo in italian 5 (for Dutch)

& @ajr528556

When doing a review with audio on Italian 3 two problems come up

I hope @MatildeBC or @Chiara_Ma will answer the issues you have raised.

Cc @lien

(Fred O O ) #214


Two typos

Italian 5 Level 5 (For french)
l’esempio <=> l’exemple (instead of ‘un exemple’)

Italian 5 Level 6 (For french)
Il buffet <=> le buffet (instead of ‘le buffer’)


(Fanny Sta) #215

Hi @Fred_O_o,

Thanks for spotting these! The typos are no more! You can see the corrections after logging out and in again :wink:

Have a great day!


(Fred O O ) #216

Thanks Fanny.

(Fred O O ) #217


Another two typos !

Italian 5 Level 9 (For french)
il fallo <=> la faute (sports) instead of ‘la faute (spors)’

la partita <=> le match instead of ‘le match du siècle’


(Fred O O ) #219


More typos :slight_smile:

Italien 2 Level 12
il portafoglio <=> le portefeuille (instead of ‘portafogli’)

Italien 3 niveau 11
questa è un’emergenza <=> c’est une urgence (instead of ‘urgense’)

Italien 3 niveau 27
i saldi <=> les soldes (instead of ‘soldes’)

Italien 5 niveau 8
pescare <=> pêcher (instead of ‘pêché’)

Italien 4 Level 7
dovremmo raccontargli della discussione? <=> est-ce qu’on devrait leur raconter la discussion ? (‘discussion’ instead of ‘discute’)

Italien 5 Level 14
contrariato <=> contrarié;déçu;mécontent (instead of ‘déçu’)
‘déçu’ without context would be translated by ‘deluso’ (In my humble opinion !)

Italien 6 Level 4
penso che questo braccialetto sia di mia mamma <=> je pense que ce bracelet est à ma mère (‘bracelet’ instead of ‘bracelent’)

Italian 6 Level 8
l’ordine pubblico <=> l’ordre public (instead of ‘ordine pubblico’)


(Fanny Sta) #220

Hi @Fred_O_o,

Thank you for spotting those typos! Me and my colleague @Chiara_Ma have corrected urgence, les soldes, pêché, dispute, bracelet and contrarié :slight_smile:
Both il portafoglio and il portafogli are correct and equally used, it’s more a matter of preference :slight_smile: We will also change into l’ordine pubblico but first we have to record the audio file again to match it with the content. We will do so asap.


(Fred O O ) #221

Thanks @fanny_sta for your reactivity !

Here is some more:
Italian 5 Level 9 (For french)
il fallo <=> la faute (sports) instead of ‘la faute (spors)’
la partita <=> le match instead of ‘le match du siècle’

Italian 6 Level 16
per tutta la vita ho desiderato diventare uno scrittore famoso <=> toute ma vie j’ai voulu devenir un musicien célèbre (‘musicista’ instead of ‘scrittore’ or ‘écrivain’ instead of ‘musicien’)
ho sempre sognato di diventare un giocatore professionista di golf <=> j’ai toujours rêvé de devenir un joueur de gold professionnel (golf instead of ‘gold’)


(Fanny Sta) #222

Grazie @Fred_O_o,

Very kind to point these out too! They are now corrected as well!


(Camila ) #223

Hi! I am new to memrise and I am only on Italian 1. I have completed launchpad and I Come In Peace but the app isn’t letting go to the next level(Being Human). Do I need the year subscription to go to this next level?

(G U A R D) #224

Ошибка в курсе Итальянский 4 с русского в 3 уровне “per due mesi” переводится как “(на) три месяца”, а правильно будет "(на) 2 месяца, ошибка в 4 уровне “ho studiato in Giappone per due mesi” - “я учился в Японии три месяца”, правильно будет “я учился в Японии два месяца”.

(Fred O O ) #225

Hi @fanny_sta

Another typo in Italian 5 Level 1
solitamente andiamo all’estero in inverno <=> d’habitude nous allons à l’étranger en hiver (“d’habitude” instead of “d’habitue”)


(Krise0815) #226

Hello there
I‘m almost through with italian 2.
I really like memrise, but something annoys very much, namely „learn with locals“.
There are always the same words.
It would be wonderful when the words, I just learned are repeated in „learn with locals“.
Best regards

PS: Italian in German

(Pjottrschmitz) #227

Hi, I’m currently doing the 3rd Dutch -> Italian course, and I’m running into the following problem:
Both the words lento and lentamente are translated to the Dutch langzaam. Often in multiple choice question I’m presented with langzaam as an answer twice, one of which will be “wrong”.

The reverse problem occurs the other way around with il pease and il Paese. In test where one of these words are spoken out loud it’s impossible to know which one is meant. Or do they differ slightly in intonation?

(Alejovar) #228

En italiano 1 -10 para los hispanohablantes, pensate e pensano = piensan,
entonces es imposible deducir de cual de los dos se está hablando sin los pronombres…
voi pensate o loro pensano. el problema surge cuando piden traducir del español la palabra “piensan” y piden escoger entre un grupo de palabras en italiano entre las cuales estan ambas pensano e pensate. si aqui no es donde debo pedir aclaración lo siento no encontré el foro en español. hago uso de traductor online para traducir este párrafo

In Italian 1 -10 for Spanish speakers, pensate e pensano = think,
then it is impossible to deduce which of the two is being spoken without the pronouns …
voi pensate or loro pensano. The problem arises when they ask to translate from Spanish the word “think” and ask to choose between a group of words in Italian between which are both pensano e pensate. If this is not where I should ask for clarification I’m sorry I did not find the forum in Spanish. I use an online translator to translate this paragraph

(keyne) #229

It’s more than a year later, and I was just told that “arrabbiata” was an incorrect translation of “angry” (Italian 1, level 7). Since I’m female, I’m pretty annoyed. :}

Could you at least allow feminine endings in translations into Italian?

Thank you!