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2nd Offical Italian Course is doesnt work. Do you guys have this problem or special for me?:sweat_smile:

Ciao @BaristaTR, Also can you say what you are doing and what happens.

What are you using - a computer or smartphone and which OS?

Are you logged into MemRise and on this course?

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Level 2

to start; to begin = iniziare

I don’t think you have cominciare as an alternative (my preferred word) and I think it should at least be a visible alternative.

PS - Is anyone monitoring this official thread?

@MemriseSupport @Chiara_Ma @MatildeBC @angileptol


diventare = to get; to become; to turn into …

I’m not sure about the first translation - perhaps it would be best at the end of the list.

Level 9

How about adding “regret” (my preferred word) (in the sense of lament) for “lamentarsi” = to complain (oneself).

Level 10

to wonder (oneself) = “chiedersi

What about “mi chiedo” ? (Literally I ask my self).

(The very next item is mi chiedo … I wonder …)

I am now confused as to how one distinguishes. Isn’t it a matter of preference?


Clicked on “learn new words” in the Italian 1 course but Memrise responded with a “Whoops. Could not load the session. Sorry.”

The link that i clicked was this-

This sounds more like a temporary issue or bug.

Try logging out, close your browser and log back in again - then report back @BirdConAlas88

@BirdConAlas88: would it be possible that you have actually already finished the course? There’s a bug in the app that will that exact error message in case you finished the course and the app erroneously tells you that there’s still words to learn. You can cross check on the web - if it shows “course completed” there, you’ll know that you’ve actually finished the course.

If you have not yet finished the course then there might be a similar problem in the level that you were last working on. If that’s the case, simply skip to the next level and continue learning from there.

You can also check my (incomplete) list of Android bugs if you’re using Android. The above bug is listed as #6.

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Level 11

cogliere = to catch

I am not sure about that - surely a better word for catching (capturing) a thief is catturare

to kill = uccidere

Should you not also include “ammazzare” at least as an alternative?

riuscire = to manage (doing something)

What about “to succeed” ?

Level 15

everywhere; throughout = ovunque

What is the difference between that and “dovunque”?

Personal preference or has it gone out of fashion?

Level 19

proud = orgoglioso

What about “fiero”?

Is there anyone at @MemriseSupport who is able to address our concerns, please?
There hasn’t been any replies since @Chiara_Ma in February.

Can either of you help please? @lurkmoophy @MemriseMatty @MatildeBC

As there doesn’t appear to be any support for the Official English/ Italian courses at the moment (probably because of activity elsewhere) I will wait to post any more suggested amendments until this thread is live again.

I am keeping a list for Italian 5 at the moment.


Hi @DW7,

Thanks for your extensive feedback and sorry for the delay in replying.

We made a list of all your comments (February onwards) and will be looking into them as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience.

Best wishes,

Memrise team.


Thanks so much @MemriseSupport.

I’ll now list some of the questions and concerns I have with Italian Level 5.
(I’m working backwards from Level 7)
(I may be wrong as my Italian - learned in Northern Italy was a long time ago)


Level 1
Usually - what about “generalmente” OR “di solito”?

Level 3
Leader - what about “il Capo” - but that can also mean a Boss.
(I don’t like English words used in Italian!)

c’è il re in Italia? - Why not c’è UN re in Italia?

Level 11
To lie down - what about “sdraiarsi” or “sdraiare”?
prego si sieda = please sit down true but (“formal”?)

Level 14
terribile = awful - what about terrible?

disappointed = contrariato - what about “insoddisfatto” or “deluso” ? (Although the latter sounds like deluded!

Aren’t these a horrible pair?! (Different base words.!)
disappointing = deludente
disappointed = contrariato

Level 18
non c’è nessun bagno disponibile = there are no toilets available

I always have trouble knowing what to call a “toilet” in Italian.
Although I am happy with the translation, I disagree with your literal translation.

IMHO it should be “there are no BATHs available
Bagno mean bath or swim - doesn’t it?

Think about the literal translation for this one too.
non c’è nessun bagno disponibile = there are no toilets available


Level 3

l’istruzione = the education

I would have said :
the education = l’educazione and
le istruzioni = the instructions


Level 5

mio nonno andava sempre a correre al mattino
my grandpa would always go running in the morning

The older gent with the mustache that introduces the phrase says the words in a different order!

he says:
mio nonno andava a correre sempre al mattino

But the young lady with the long hair AND the young man with the beard and glasses says it correctly.

I am not allowed to create more than three replies, so I’ve had to add them here

Android Bug?

With this phrase in Italian 4 Level 11

si diverte a giocare a tennis, ma le piace di più andare in barca a vela

it was not possible to type it (on one occasion) the end of the sentence because of an overlap, so the next word returned a previous word!


Level 2

to be (…-ing) = stare

Correct in this context BUT “to be” can also be “essere

And stare can also mean “to stay

Level 4

i contanti = (the) cash

What’s wrong with denaro or soldi used as money and cash?

the tip (money) = le mance (Wrong in my opinion!)

The tip = la mancia (singular) [Always used in a restaurant.]

Le mance would be “the tipS”.

Level 6

to turn = svoltare

Why not the simpler girare?

Level 7

the village; the town = il paese why not use il villaggio ?

to avoid confusion with il Paese = the country

Especially in pairing the English - if offered both in Italian !!

Level 11

the medicine = la medicina correct
“the doctor thinks he needs medicine” = “il dottore pensa che abbia bisogno di medicine” < I assume the Italians use the plural.

Although you helpfully always give the ‘Literal translation’, perhaps the English could be “he needs medicines” or “he needs medicine[s]”

Level 18

the kindergarten = la scuola materna

What has happened to the old favourite word l’asilo ?
(That’s where I first went to school :wink:)

Level 19

la televisione = the TV
NOT strictly true!

la televisione = the television

la TV (pronounced “t vu”) = the TV

Level 27

ha troppi soldi = she has too much money

I think this is wrong. It should be HE has too much money

she has too much money would be LEI ha troppi soldi ???

Level 33

both of us = noi due - correct

So why is

both = entrambi (entrambe) and not tutti e due or tutti due, for consistency?

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The questions ask which of the above are correct, eg; end with However, the prefix words have not been taught. An example:

Statement. You kiss well.

Question: ? bene (baciare)

Answer: c i b a o

The ending is (i) but what is the beginning? Previously the word has not been taught.

Also, it does not provide the CORRECT solution if the answer is incorrect.

Hi @tryroythomas, can you provide a link to the course and the level so others can check it and the @MemriseSupport can look at it.

If no link, can you state the course and the level, please?

Is it in the course or a Grambot etc?

One of (the many) things I love about the MemRise language courses is that they give the literal translation as well - helping one understand how the phrase comes about and it’s true meaning.

So thank you @MemriseSupport


The fellow (“Luca”) in the “Learn with Locals” video for “to retire” says “non vede l’ora di andare in pensione” (which is another phrase in this lesson). This is not one of the multiple choice answers available. I click on “to retire” (which is one of the options) and it is scored as correct. This erroneous video also shows up for the Italian mutiple choice answers where “andare in pensione” is scored as correct.



Is this something you all could look into? @MemriseSupport and @JBorrego



Level 3

I appreciate my Italian was learned in Italy many years ago, but I am not happy that …

le salviette” = “the towels”.

Aren’t “Towels” = “Asciugamani”?

I’ve looked up “Salviette” and I am given “Wipes” or “Napkin”.
This is not what is implied as towels in a bathroom in a hotel.

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Hi @Cianfrusaglie, Has that been resolved?

I don’t know – I haven’t got a response back and that particular “Learn With Locals” phrase hasn’t come up recently in my review so I can’d check if it’s been fixed. The last time it did come up (maybe a couple weeks ago) it had not been fixed.

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