[Course Forum] Italiaans 1-5 (Italian for Dutch speakers) by Memrise

Official Memrise-created Italian courses for Dutch speakers:

we woonden in Amerika, maar we we verhuisden

Typo in italian 5 (for dutch)

(By the way: Memrise is fun and great value for money, that’s why I like to contribute in improving it)


Hi @pepijnvandeport,

Thanks for letting us know.
My Dutch colleague @MerlijnB will look into it asap.

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no hurry 8,9,10 (in order to have more than 10 characters ;-))

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Hi Pepijn,

Thanks for letting us know, it’s fixed now!



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improvvisamente mi sono molto spaventato

is translated as “plotseling werd ik erg bang” (past tense)

I would expect

improvvisamente mi ero molto spaventato


“plotseling ben ik erg bang” (present)

where do I go wrong?

in Memrise italian 5 (dutch):

se is consequently translated as of

should be (according to Collins dictionary)



Hi, I’m currently doing the 3rd Dutch -> Italian course, and I’m running into the following problem:
Both the words lento and lentamente are translated to the Dutch langzaam. Often in multiple choice question I’m presented with langzaam as an answer twice, one of which will be “wrong”.

The reverse problem occurs the other way around with il pease and il Paese. In test where one of these words are spoken out loud it’s impossible to know which one is meant. Or do they differ slightly in intonation?

Hi there,

I found a translation error, well better a typo :wink:
7,7 ‘la scatola’ is not ‘de boos’, but ‘de doos’ (typo)
boos in Dutch is not a noun, but an adjective meaning angry