[Course Forum] Irish Language Learners' Book Club Vocabulary by leoithne27

This is the course forum for my course assisting you in understanding vocabulary from books we read in a book club around books as Gaeilge.

I am looking for contributors who are participating in reading these novels

This forum is just about the course, if you notice any errors that need correction or would like me to add some vocabulary or phrases for you.

This book is being read by Irish Learners’ Book Club currently. I highly recommend you join (make sure you read the pinned post!). In this group, here are two books being read at a time, an easier one and a harder one. Everyone, no matter their level, can join, you just need a copy of the book (ebooks are always an option). Each person will get about 10 lines (you can ask for a different amount) to be translated. After the lines have been posted, there will be corrections and then discussions about grammar and phrases.

I.e, it’s a great learning oppurtunity!

I post the lines completed in both the course (in multimedia view, only seen on desktop) and here.

Lines translated:

Ailf­í Agus An Vaimpir

Caibidil a hAon:

''Ó Lúibíní Lú!'' le Caitríona Ní Mhurchú

Línte 1-10

588-597- Pg.28
589-607 Pg. 28-29

630-640 (pg 30)
662-671 (pg 31)

703-714 pg 32
736-745 (pg 33)
763-772 pg 34
793-802 (35)

814-825 (36)

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Hi! First of all, thanks for creating this post. Through it, I have found the facebook group and ended up buying Ó Lúibíní Lú! It only arrived yesterday and I’ve only got to page 2 so far, but I’m really enjoying such a different approach to learning. Very refreshing in comparison to the repetitiveness of other learning formats!

From the look of things I am the only one following this memrise course, so I figured I would post here, bring more attention to it, and hopefully others will join soon enough!

Go raibh maith agat!


T­á fáilte romhat!

I do hope you end up joining the group!

Sorry I haven’t added much to the course yet. I’m often busy. Also, I’m considering that instead of just making this vocabulary for this one particular book, I might branch this out for all the ‘‘easier track’’ books we do in the Facebook group, and make a new one for the ‘‘harder’’ books. (So if you have any input I’d love to know!)

Started overhauling the course. I don’t think I’ll go back and add vocabulary from earlier books. Just will start on L­úibíní Lú and then add an tIriseoir when we start it, and so forth.

I also added a declension attribute. All attributes are in Irish, but if it’s too difficult I can make them bilingual.

Would be very happy to take on contributors who are reading these books.
Especially because it helps to keep vocabulary added constantly, and it helps for when I’m super busy and can’t attend to it.

If you don’t want to contribute but want more vocab added, you can just write down words you don’t know while reading, and post them here. I’ll do the research for what the word means and all the little stuff for you (if you like) :slight_smile: Please just make sure to add either the link to the translated lines or the page numbers so I can find context and place it properly within the course levels.

Would also love any input or suggestions to make sure this course is to its best!

I ended up falling behind on the previous two books mentioned in regards to actually taking the time to add to the course (tá brón orm!).

We started a new book, Ailfí agus an Vaimpír, and so far I’ve been keeping up the course with the lines as they are translated. Fingers crossed I keep up with it this time!

If anyone is interested in this book, the ebook edition on Amazon is probably your best bet, as physical copies online are absolutely sold out.

I have begun going back to Ó Lúibíní Lú! and adding vocabulary to the course. Especially since I think much of it will be similar to Ailfí. Since there are no chapters and sometimes the line numbers got messed up, I decided to go by page numbers. When I’m done I’ll adjust the list in my first post above so that you know what lines fall under which page numbers.
I don’t know how the ebook edition is, however. My physical copies starts on page 7 and ends on page 72. If it’s different, please let me know.

Hi Kaylam

Is this group still active. Sorry I’m having difficulty finding my way around.
I’m using the memrise app and was directed here to give feedback on an incorrect verb translation,
in Irish, which I still don’t know how to report.

Found your post and your group sounds very interesting

Hi! Yes, the Facebook Group is still VERY active! https://www.facebook.com/groups/883229498437201
It’s a wonderful group that I definitely recommend joining if you can, Kathy is amazing for creating it :smile:

I just haven’t been doing a lot of work towards the course. (Right now one of the books we’re reading is in another course, Aiséirí)
If you want to be a contributor just let me know! :slight_smile: I’d definitely appreciate the help.

Was the verb in this specific course or another one?
Unfortunately the only way to really ‘‘report’’ it, is if there’s a course forum made by the creator (such as this one). You can also try making a post to try and get their attention (tag them if possible), but that isn’t very likely to get it fixed unfortunately.

That’s great to hear Would love to join! I’m relearning after a poor start many years ago.
The mistake is in the Irregular Verbs on the Irish Course in the app.
Not sure how to find the creator!

Will check facebook out later Thanks for the info.

very interesting and useful

Sorry if I’m late but there is an important question I have to ask. Q: In Irish, how to write the t- prefix?
Here is the example: Imeall is the Irish word for border. However, when the word follows the Irish word “an” (the), the t- prefix gets added so it changes to An t-imeall. Is it acceptable to also write it as An timeall, An tImeall, An T-imeall, An Timeall or an TImeall?


“an t-imeall” is the correct way in lowercase
If capitalization is at play, such as in a title, it will be “An tImeall”

It will never be “an timeall”!
Hope that helps!