[Course Forum] Irish (Gaelic) Idioms

Hi there, I wonder will the author, @RobertKaucher, see this post…?

I working my way through this (long!) course. I’m only on level 6, with about 80 about of about 2800 words learnt.

There are a numer of typos (or OCR errors?). A few examples off-hand:

  • it’s been agess…
  • He’s wants to…
  • “go dli” (dee-el-eye) instead of “go dtí”

I’ll try to list more as I come across them.

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I tagged him to get an e-mail notification of this.
Hopefully he will see this,

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Do you like all my typos in an email about typos?!?

Another one added to the list (I’ve numbered them now):

  1. it’s agess…
  2. He’s wants to…
  3. “go dli” (dee-el-eye) instead of “go dtí”
  4. “lc” (el-see) instead of “le”
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OK, sorry I have not gotten to this earlier. I will try to make sure it is fixed. These do look like OCR errors.

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Dia dhuit, a Robert!

Bumping up this old thread since I’ve been using your lovely course.

In level 3, ‘‘D’fhéadfadh an scéal a bheith i bhfad nios measa!’’ should be ‘‘níos’’