[Course Forum] Introductory French Vocab by Coralie

Bonjour tout le monde! I’ve just been having a couple of problems with Introductory French Vocab by Coralie that have been irritating me. One of these problems is that “rapide” and “vite” are used to both signify fast but the course does not denote which is which when asking a question and the creator did not put it in as an alternate answer or write something along the lines of “rapide (not vite)” so that at least we could extrapolate what it was. Another annoying thing was that while “comment allez-vous” and “comment ca va” mean the same thing, only the question regarding “comment ca va” will accept both answers while “comment allez-vous” only accepts itself. The phrase “une carafe d’eau, s’il vous plaît” is to be found in the course although I find that the “s’il vous plaît” is unnecessary in itself and makes the phrase overall much longer than it needs to be and it would work better if the “s’il vous plaît” part were to be enclosed in brackets so that typing the phrase would be easier. The definition for “engueuler” could also fit “crier” and the same could be said of the definition for “la fête,” whose definition is “celebration” which could also be used to denote “la célébration.” Another final thing that has been annoying me with the course is that while “bientôt” and “tôt” are practically one in the same when one definition is prompted for one and I enter the other word, it gets marked wrong.

So in essence, if anyone could be so kind as to resolve these little errors, it would make using the course a whole lot better and I would be ever so grateful to that person. If not, I would be glad to do it myself provided I had the permission to do so.

EDIT: Also “retirer” and “enlever” are quite similar enough to merit a distinction.

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I believe that @cos looks after those courses by @Coralie

But the course DOES ask for an adverb when it wants vite, and an adjective when it wants rapide.


Thanks @lurajane, I’ve learnt something new. I didn’t know that was the difference between the two. Merci beaucoup.