[Course Forum] Intermediate Italian Level A2 - B1, FULL AUDIO by Chiew Pang

This is a brand new course, continuing from the elementary level course.
It’s in-progress and will continue for about a year. Join now and you can progress gradually. All discussions are welcome. The course leads you from A2 to B1 and includes words, phrases and expressions; clear audible audio; usage and insights.

Hi Chiew,

In Level 10 the word “researcher” shows up as “ricertatore”…is that an alternative spelling for “ricercatore” or is it simply a typo?


Well-spotted! Took me a while to see what was wrong there! :grinning: Maybe it’s time to ditch these glasses… :sunglasses:
Grazie, Aleida!

too funny…thankfully my glasses are working fine enough to spot those pesky errors! :slight_smile:

Hi! Great Course, Any chance a B2/C1 course is in the works?

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@Polpo_D Woa… :grin: Quite possibly! :sunglasses: This course is just beginning though… :wink: It’ll go on for a while more…until June at least, I reckon. The previous level is still going on (100 levels)! So, keep an eye out! I wish there were more people on it! :disappointed:


I’ve stretched Memrise a little more with this level. If you’re familiar with il condizionale already (I haven’t got there yet), you might want to tackle this level and tell me what you think. Feedback’s appreciated.

Thanks! I’m sure it’ll keep growing. :slight_smile:

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