[Course Forum] “Intermediate Finnish Vocabulary" by dankmemer666

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Course link: https://www.memrise.com/course/85606/intermediate-finnish-vocabulary/
“Intermediate Finnish Vocabulary” was created by dankmemer666. I am, Maria Teplykh10, a contributor and will be modifying it and answering you. So feel free to leave your corrections and suggestions here.

Hi @MariaTeplykh10,

Could you add a link to your course in your post above, please? It would be a quick way for lazy people like me to find it. :smiley:


Thanks for the idea.

hi, @MariaTeplykh10
The addition in lvl 7 on the cardinal points is missing north=pohjoinen but is otherwise great.
Thanks for this great course!

hi, @asasnake
Sometimes in order to see the update in full you need to log out and then log in again on your device. (North is there, too. Or you haven’t noticed it because you’ve already learned it earlier.)
Thank you for following. Trying my best to keep you entertained :slight_smile: