[Course Forum] Inglés 1 - 7 de Memrise (English for Spanish speakers)


(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #22

Inglés 1, nivel 8
This man clearly says sevenTH… Not a big problem

Maybe you can just :scissors: out the -th- part…

(Kevin Cruzeh) #23

Hello again
I found a mistake here

It’s little but it may confuse
For me, the right translation for “es una emergencia” Is “it’s an emergency”



(Angileptol) #24

Hola @OneLessonMore:

Gracias por informarnos de este error, he eliminado el vídeo erróneo. Gracias de nuevo y sigue aprendiendo. :slight_smile:


Todo todito en inglés
(Kevin Cruzeh) #25

Good afternoon @angileptol
I’m confuse in this word?
Is the audio correct?



(Kevin Cruzeh) #26

Hello again @angileptol
I found a mistake here, in English III

It’s little but it may confuse
For me, the right translation for “una Universidad” Is “an University”


(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #27

Hi Kevin @OneLessonMore !

as univesity sounds like ‘yuni’ then only the article a is used not ‘an’. An is used when the sound of the word starts with a vowel

(Kevin Cruzeh) #28

Thanks Atikker, I understood your explanation
I am wrong :smiley:



(Rabbit Who) #29


Level 1 of Inglés 7 (Reino Unido) has a mistake.

It says “store” instead of “shop”. In Britain you can’t buy things in a store, a store only has the other meaning, as in storage.


Nivel 1 de Inglés 7 (Reino Unido) tiene un error.

Pone “store” en vez de “shop”. En el RU no se puede comprar nada en un “store”, esa palabra significa algo como almacén.

(Kevin Cruzeh) #30

Good Afternoon to all Memrise Community, especially @Atikker @angileptol :grinning:
I have a question about this sentence

Why is there a gap between “to make” and “angry”?
It is a rule or a native expression?



(Lurajane) #31

That is where you put the object of the verb.

hacer enfadar a Juan
to make Juan angry

hacer enfadar a alguien
to make somebody angry

(Kevin Cruzeh) #32

Thanks for your prompt response @lurajane
That was a great explanation

Have a nice Day,


(Rabbit Who) #33

Enfadar without hacer is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more common… bit odd on a beginners course? Oh well! Maybe it’s regional? Or maybe the Spanish person who made the course decided to keep it as close to the English as possible, even if it meant choosing a more unusual Spanish expression.

(Kevin Cruzeh) #34

Good afternoon to all the Memrise’s Community.
I have a doubt in this sentence

I’m from Chile and I never heard that expression (“esta chupado”)
Can anyone explain me?


(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #35

Hi! @OneLessonMore You use this English phrase (“it’s a piece of cake”) to say that something is really easy

(Chiew Pang) #36

@angileptol What I meant - I thought it would have been obvious - was the normal thing would have been to have a link to the course, wouldn’t it? Or is it assumed that people would only come here if they had already found the course and not vice versa?

(Angileptol) #37

Please see the new description, is that what you meant? Thanks!


(Chiew Pang) #38

@angileptol, yes, that was what I meant although the images occupy a lot of space, don’t you think so? I do mine differently: [Course Forum] Italian Level from 0 - A1 - A2, FULL AUDIO by ChiewPang

(Kevin Cruzeh) #39

Hi Guys @lurajane @ChiewPang @RabbitWho @angileptol @Atikker and @AllMemriseCommunity
I’m happy because I finished the seven courses of British English, so, I am looking for another courses to continue learning.
My question is: Do you know a good course to continue learning?
I will wait for their responses.

Have a nice day,

(Chiew Pang) #40

@OneLessonMore Hi Kevin, for that level, perhaps Picture Dictionary. It’s mainly vocabulary and there may be words you are already familiar with, so just “ignore” them. It’s an ongoing course, meaning more levels are added from time to time.

You can also try Siscocan. It’s more business-oriented and perhaps not as orderly, but I’m sure you can learn from it, too.

Just remember that with any course, you can choose to “ignore” words and you can choose the level you wish to study first.

If you have any problems, let me know.


(Kevin Cruzeh) #41

@ChiewPang Chiew, Thanks for your quick response
I am going to review them.
By the way (checked by @ChiewPang) , Do you know other course or application for learn grammar?