[Course Forum] Inglés 1 - 7 de Memrise (English for Spanish speakers)


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[Course Forum] Inglés 1 - 7 de Memrise para hispanohablantes


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This isn’t very good, is it? I know what it is and I know how to find the course but if a Spaniard comes stumbling in here, what can he learn?

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Hi @ChiewPang,

What is exactly your point?



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I found a mistake in a Lesson

Am I wrong? Or the sentence is wrong?



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Hola @OneLessonMore:

Muchas gracias por publicación, tu pregunta es muy acertada. Aunque pueda sonar gramaticalmente incorrecto “this is my mum and dad” se usa así cuando uno está presentando a sus padres que están en el mismo lugar que el que habla, también sería posible decir “these are my parents”. Espero que esto resuelva tu duda.



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Ahí discrepo un poco contigo
Para la oración “this is my mum and dad” la traducción sería [esta es mi madre y mi padre]
En cambio, para que la respuesta fuera [estos son mi madre y mi padre], la oración en inglés debería decir "these are my mum and dad"
Espero entiendas mi explicación



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Hi @OneLessonMore,

‘This’ and ‘these’ are demonstratives, which show which person or thing is being referred to at the time. ‘This’ refers to singular nouns which are near to the speaker, and ‘these’ refers to plural nouns that are near to the speaker. In this situation we are presenting the Mum and Dad as singular nouns. We are effectively saying “this is my mum and this is my dad”, but we are able to take out the repeated element of the sentence and just say ‘this is my mum and dad.’ If you have any further questions, please let me know!



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Thanks you
I understood your explanation…
Now, I have another question

In this case, what’s the right translation?
For me, like a Spanish Speaker, it would be “Son 10 para las dos”



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it’s 10 to 2 … 10 minutes more and it will be 2

Never heard this one

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Atikker, good afternoon
I’m confused with the Spanish sentence
"Son las dos menos diez"
Can you help me?



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Hi @OneLessonMore Kevin!
You say the full hours and how much less it is

10 minutes less than 2 o’clock

2 o’clock = son las dos

Hope this helps,

…if not I will try a different way

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Inglés 1 this girl says: Huston, we have a problem


Correct is “how about you”… Wrong video clip

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Hi @OneLessonMore,

I am guessing you are learning English Uk for Mexican Spanish and not Spanish from Spain, am I right?
@Atikker, I appreciate your help, however this is a matter of correct Spanish translation of an English item, not about helping with understanding the concept in English or Spanish.

In Spanish from Spain we would say “Son las dos menos diez”, if this is not correct for Mexican Spanish we will correct it. Is this the issue, @OneLessonMore? Thanks.



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@Atikker what does the girl say? Could you please let me know the course and level so that I can check the video? Thanks.



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Angileptol, thanks for your prompt response
That’s correct
I’m a native spanish speaker from Chile and I never heard this expression
However, if you say that the expression is for Spain, I will understand too.



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Then maybe this belongs to the Spanish 1-7 forum, @Atikker? I will try to find the video.



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Inglés 1… Sorry I got my courses mixed up… This video is in English. So this must me Inglés 1. I had many problems with Spanish 5, so that’s why I mixed those two up. (Have to practice my English too)

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está en Inglés (Reino Unido) 1; nivel 7; el frase “¿y tú?/how about you?”

Ella dice “Huston, we have a problem”

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Thanks @Atikker, I have deleted the wrong audio.