[Course Forum] Indonesian Courses by guestgulkan

This topic is for Indonesian courses created by me (guestgulkan). I’ve been creating Indonesian courses due to a lack of Indonesian courses that support full audio sound. I am a heavy user of my own courses.

My courses are:

I’m interested in any feedback at all, including mistakes, errors and reports of poor audio quality.


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It’s me, as always… would you please add some synonyms for “sesudah”?

if I look at the two most used dictionaries in our little community in here, I see:

kemudian; sehabis; sesudah; setelah; pasca, setelah, setelah; sesudah; setelah itu; usai; ditimbang; sesudahnya; mengikuti;
seusai; berikutnya; sehabis; menyusul; susulan; kemudian; setelah ini;
mengejar; demi

that’s alot of synonyms, is there some specific ones you wanted me to add?

I’m thinking: “after (time)” = “sesudah” or “setelah” ?

ok, if you add some disambiguation!

(coz’ i always want to type in “kemudian”)

many thanks


the U Hawai’i needs some synonyms for want to, wish to = kepingin, or disambiguation : want to, wish to (k)

Edit: is there any good source for an academic language/professional language course?


halo H,

  • I put a (ke) after the kepingin definition
  • I put some alternates in UQ : after = setelah, sesudah, kemudian. imho kemudian = then. And what about lalu?

Regarding academic/professional.

Have you tried:

btw I just spotted a new course with 3700 words

but no audio :frowning: :cry:

many thanks @guestgulkan.

(as about higher level courses, my own :innocent: is much higher level than that bussines course, http://www.memrise.com/course/946858/1-ajaran-a/)

oohh a secret course, with audio too! I have a couple of those :slight_smile:

hard work went into that one - it was public for a while, but nobody seemed to notice it, therefore I decided to make it “secret” and I’ll leave it this way.

I have another one in the same category of (very) advanced - I am just adding items when browsing the Indonesian wikipedia, mostly on history, economy and political geography subjects - but that one is too difficult for myself :grin:, so I did not “learned” it yet.

In the Pimsleaur, not sure which level - both silahkan and silakan ought to be accepted. I always get it wrong because I forget that you only have the “h” version! :unamused:
Terima kasih!

No problem -added silahkan alternatives in both words where it is used.

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Again with the Pimsleaur, I’m surprised to see tidak benar translated as not really. Benar is correct, true. So tidak benar is more like untrue, not true, not correct, incorrect.

Not really, I think, is tidak juga, which also means neither, not also.

Terima kasih.


Hi Chiew, I got the definitions from the course material, so I changed it to: “not true / not really”

@guestgulkan, well we all know how “good” Pimsleaur is… :cry: Did such a phrase appear in the Queensland or the Hawaii course?

actually I kinda liked Pimsleaur. It fills a gap in my learning. The act of retrieving and speaking a word stores it in a fast-access part of your mind which is good for fluency. If I was learning another language I’d use it again for sure.

@guestgulkan, yes learning chunks can be useful. I have them in my courses too but some of the language in Pimsleaur is suspect, in my opinion. One that springs to mind is Saya akan makan malam malam ini or something like that. I doubt if I’d hear that any time soon…

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in the “univ of queensland”, the entry “pasti” needs a bit more polishing

  • the adverb “for sure”, “certainly”. Only as adverb - certainly - pasti is synonym with tertunya, tak urung, niscaya; memang; tentu saja; tentulah

  • “certain” as adjective, and only when it means sure, confident of: pasti; tentu; tertentu; yakin; diyakini; meyakinkan (indodic)


strange… in all these courses, yours and others, I don’t find matahari = surya (both of Sanskrit origin), for the Sun… https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matahari

actually, I saw surya recently in the “Learning Indonesian” course level 41 :slight_smile:

with pasti - what do you think I should put as the definition?

just add in some synonyms… I always type in tertunya…I don’t gather it, where from do I already have such reflex…

now, don’t tell me you don’t love matahari

(level 41. ok. with surya I’ll have my problems: sanskrit, pali, hindi, all say surya or suriya… :joy:)

terima kasih, tuan!