[Course Forum] Indonesian Course WSK by @williamlukman

hi, @williamlukman

level 4 contains a strange entry uang = uang kecil

many thanks for your work and calm, clear (and probably native?) voice :slight_smile:

A new Indonesian audio course. I’m so excited!

I’ve also spotted:

haha, I was there before you :stuck_out_tongue:

And this one

by @Fun.Tom looks promising but he didn’t finish it :frowning:

yeah, only “stop or else” is not much… but I went to the original site, is the US defence ministery or sth, they cannot produce but such stuff :slight_smile:

well, the course is indeed ok, but only/mostly for absolute beginners, otherwise the lack of synonyms and shortened versions for main verbs are annoying ( i’ve personally ignored quite a number of items)

@lien, would you please have the kindness to contact the course creator? he should add kebun as alternative to taman (among many others :slight_smile: ). Also maybe @IbuA, who has this https://www.memrise.com/course/1387000/ayo-lets-speak-indonesian-volume-2/ (here it should be nonA not non for “miss”), and, together with @PakJ, this one https://www.memrise.com/course/1294892/ayo-lets-speak-indonesian-volume-1/

they are not bad courses, they have audio


Hi @Hydroptere,

There’s plenty of kindness left in me :wink:

I have emailed WilliamLukman to make him aware of this thread.
As soon as I hear back, I’ll let update you here.

Do we have separate threads for the courses by IbuA and PakJ yet? I feel it may get messy if we invite 3 course creators to the same thread.

Speak soon,


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i did not make sperate threads for the other 2 creators (which other two seem to work together), given that few users are active in those courses. Maybe they’ll open their fora themselves?

bedank, u bent een ware prinses!

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@Lien @williamlukman did not reply as yet. Could you please grant me contributor’s rights?

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With great pleasure!
You should now be able to access the course’s editing tools.

danke, Prinzessin! :sunny: )

Dear @Hydroptere,

“hari ulang tahun” in Lesson Six is acting a bit strangely - two times ‘birthday’ appeared twice among the multiple choice options, and once I guessed right and once wrong! (And then other times it came up but once.) Probably more trouble to fix than it’s worth, but just in case…

It’s a nice little course, too bad not many users at the moment.

Thanks -


i checked in the database and it seems the creator left there one entry without audio… now it should be fine (but, do not forget the unsolved issue of phantom entries circulating around -deleted entries still appearing in tests)

you’re welcome

btw, if you noticed that I did not add some widespread alternative for an item/entry,would you please let me know?

Thank you! Sorry, I should have responded before now. I will let you know about any missing widespread alternatives I notice, but I would be surprised if you hadn’t already caught them! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Hydroptere,

I did encounter a few things at level 9:

  1. didn’t realize that ‘baru’ was yet another word for just/only! Joining ‘aja/saja’ (level 3), ‘cuma’ (not in this course, maybe?) and ‘hanya’. According to the Indonesian dictionary at sealang.net, ‘baru’ meaning ‘just/only’ implies “as of now; the number is expected to increase”, while ‘cuma’ implies “no expectation of increase” - a lovely semantic shading. But in any case, could you add a (b) to ‘just, only’ for that one?

  2. ‘kali’ here and ‘waktu’ (in level 6) are both glossed as ‘time’; could you use either a (k)/(w) distinction - I think guestgulkan has ‘kali’ as “times”, which would also help. Either way.

  3. ‘cukup’ is glossed as ‘quite’ - could ‘enough’ be added? (‘quite’ could - in a different sense of the word - also be ‘sekali’, I think).

  4. here I have no idea - are ‘menikah’ and ‘kawin’ synonyms? Maybe ‘kawin’ is more ‘nikah’, and I don’t know enough yet to distinguish.

Thank you!

hi, thanks

I am adding now some disambiguation - i.e. the first letter, or longer defintions, etc

I am using the second edition of Stevens an Schmidgall-Tellings dictionary, look what they say about “baru”:

baru I → BAHARU. 1 fresh, new, newly laid (eggs), green (vegetables).
telor – newly laid eggs. lada yang – fresh pepper. 2 _recent, fresh, _
late, new. 3 modern, contemporary, new, recent 4 just, just now, a mo­ment ago. 5 only/not until, not till, not before, as recent as; 6 only, just (as of now, the number is
expected to increase);

menikah = to marry, get married

kawin, kahwin = to marry, to be married, have sexual intercourse

Thanks for those changes, @Hydroptere - they’ve made a difference in several review sessions already.

Turns out that the selang.net website is a digital version of the third edition of Stevens/Schmigdall-Tellings.

Interesting to have apalagi and terutama in back-to-back lessons (Level 11 and 12). You have nicely fleshed out apalagi - maybe terutama could get a similar treatment? “especially, best, most important” or something like that.

the sealang dictionary is not maintained anymore, I think. (I wrote to the guy mentioned there as webmaster/contact person what ever, last year or something)

as for terutama, done