[Course Forum] Icelandic in easy stages by LuciaDeetz

I have some trouble with this cousre, level 30 - declension of words.
Some words have the same form in different cases, and sometimes choosing an option looks like this

which “hver” option should I choose? Nobody knows.
Same happens with the declension of “hvað”, but e.g. for “það” it’s actualy made clear
So maybe somebody can edit the other words to have some case specification? That’s possible, right?

@LuciaDeetz apparently is not active in this forum. That’s why I am tagging @Lien, she can contact her and help find a solution.

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Thanks for the tag!

I have emailed LuciaDeetz regarding your enquiry about
their Icelandic course. Hopefully they’ll join the conversation here soon.

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Thank you! Will wait patiently

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Hi everyone,

Pardon the late reply, I was not registered on the forum. Thanks to @Lien for reaching out!

I added brackets to the duplicate entries and the problem should now be solved! :slight_smile:

Please let me know if I can do anything else.