[Course Forum] "Hungarian = Joy, Audios & Videos"

“Hungarian = Joy, Audios & Videos“

This course is aimed at all language lovers who want to learn Hungarian. In addition to learning vocabulary, the course provides information on Hungarian grammar and linguistic characteristics of the Hungarian language.

Knowledge imparted by the course:

Vocabulary (English (US) - Hungarian) in the form of single words, expressions and example sentences, including English (US) translation

Explanations of the Hungarian grammar

Audios and / or videos by Hungarian native speakers for each vocabulary

Integrated memos (pictures) that bear a visual reference to the vocabulary

Explanation of the word and sentence structure

The part of speech

Web links to conjugation and declension tables

Web links to sentence examples and word explanations

Those interested in learning more about the intricacies and uniqueness of the Hungarian language have come to the right place.

Since 2016 I have been collecting words, expressions and sentence constructions that I “come across” while learning Hungarian. My wife is a Hungarian native speaker and helps me with the creation of the audios and ensures the correct translation of the vocabulary.

On December 20th, 2021, I decided to put the course online.

The course is like a delicate plant, it will “grow over time”!

New words are added every week. Often with explanations as well as videos and audios.

Enjoy the memos and the numerous information about the subtleties of the Hungarian language.

If you have any tips about the course, want corrections or want to get in touch with me on other topics, please contact me:

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“Hungarian = Joy, Audios & Videos”

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The course “Hungarian = Joy, Audios & Videos” is now 3 months online and contains now:

  • More than 1,000 vocabulary words with audios from native Hungarian speakers.
  • All vocabulary words are accompanied by memos (pictures) that have a visual reference to the vocabulary word
  • The table of contents has been revised and is now complete

Numerous vocabulary items will added to the course each week. Grammar topics will be gradually elaborated as well.

If you have any comments about the course, want corrections or want to contact me about other topics, please contact me or here via the Course Forum.