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This topic will cover feedback and questions for the Human Japanese Intro & Intermediate Vocab courses that I have created on Memrise for use with the Human Japanese program. (http://www.humanjapanese.com)

Human Japanese Intro Vocabulary

Human Japanese Intermediate Vocabulary (Tests Kana)

Human Japanese Intermediate Vocabulary (Tests Kanji)

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding the courses above, please leave them here and I will answer them asap.

Please specify which course your question/comment is regarding and which level/word if applicable.

Thanks, everyone!

みなさん ありがとうございます!

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Human Japanese Intro Vocabulary

In level 25: ねつがありましたか should be “did” you have a fever, rather than “do” you have a fever.


Thanks @Matt_Mendoza60!

I just fixed it.

Have a good day!

Thanks for course. Interrogatives - Chapter 31 has why? / how? question 2 times and answer is どうして or なんで. Program however takes only 1 as correct answer so it is very annoying since i basically have 50 % chance to guess it right. Thanks for list again.

I just fixed the “why?/how?” questions so that both with accept either doushite or nande. I’ve also fixed the “how?” so it accepts dou yatte and dou.

Thanks for using the course and please let me know if you see any other doubles that end up in different chapters! :slight_smile:

Hey all. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve changed my user name. Instead of icytwilight it will come up as Rin_Asami now. :slight_smile:

Dear Rin Asami,

In case you don’t know, in your Memrise HJ Intro you have the Interrogatives chapter listed as 31 when in the Rak program it is chapter 30.

I use Memrise on Android and the Rak program on OS X.

Just want to thank you for your work. I’m going over Mr Rak’s HJ Intro for the 3rd time because each time I finish I’ve forgotten half of what came before. However, this time I’m using your Memrise concurrently and it seems to be really a super help.

Yours truly,


Thanks for catching that! It’s fixed now.

I’m glad my course is helping you. I created it when I was a few chapters into the HJ Intro since I was having the same issues. It’s very hard to take in all the information and vocabulary without a solid way to review the previous and current material.

I also have two versions of HJ Intermediate, one for testing on Kana and the other for Kanji, when you’re ready for those.

Happy Learning,


I wanted to let everyone know that I added a chapter to the Human Japanese Intro course.

Chapter 41 - Wanting to Do with Tai, has been added.

I didn’t realized it was accidentally skipped previously.

Hey :slight_smile:

Is it possible to switch the early vocab to katana where appropriate?


x0x0, Do you mean for Human Japanese Intro or Human Japanese Intermediate?

Are there ones you’re specifically having trouble with?

Rin_Asami, I mean Human Japanese Intro. In the first level (chapter 6), there is あめりか instead of アメリカ

Oh, ok. I understand.

The course uses hiragana in the earlier lessons because if you are following the Human Japanese Intro course katakana is not introduced yet.

I’ll see if I can add in the katakana as acceptable answers so if you answer in katakana or hiragana it will be marked correct.

Yes, you’re right, katakana wasn’t (fully) introduced at that point, so the words were marked with asterisks. I just find it strange to learn these word using hiragana :frowning:

The common forms have been added so you can see them when you press “More” after you’ve gotten a question marked partially incorrect or completely incorrect.

For the words that normally should be in katakana if you choose to type them that way instead of hiragana Memrise will now accept the answer as correct.

I just wanted to say thanks for these companion courses for the Human Japanese apps, they’ve been extremely helpful so far! In fact so helpful that I only rated Human Japanese a 5-star app because of the existence of this practice material… so they owe you a lot too. :slight_smile:


(BTW I hope you’re still around and kickin’, I notice this forum hasn’t been posted to for a long while…)

Hi, EarleyGrave!

Yep, I’m still hanging around. I stopped studying for a long while and am just now getting back into it (though I admit I’m using Duolingo now at the moment). I’m glad you are liking my courses. Not having an actual way to study the material presented is the only drawback I saw to using the Human Japanese program, hence why I made these courses to help myself and everyone else.

I wish you much sucess on your Jpaanese journey! 頑張って!

Glad to hear it! I’m also on Duolingo, but I’m really there more because I feel compelled to be after paying for a yearly subscription lol. So I’m doing Human Japanese with your Memrise course, as well as a Jouyou course here, for the most part.