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how do you solve the problem of synonyms at this level? - the issue - in the case of chinese- drives me nuts…

Short answer: I haven’t yet.

Longer answer: I’m going to take the course myself and I’ll be adding synonyms as they crop up. I know it’s not ideal for early users, but I’m hoping that after I take it, as well as a few others, the course will be in ship shape for the next wave!

If you have any other ideas, please let me know and I’ll incorporate :slight_smile:

i have not, unfortunatelly :worried:… and in real communication i happen to mix up things because of this issue - not really knowing how to really learn/recognise (the many) alternatives ways of writting/saying in Mandarin…

My only advice is to keep at it and copy what the native speakers do. My friends or teacher will let me know if I’m (trying) to use a written form when speaking and vice versa.

Also, there are so many specific terms that they have for certain contexts that I just fumble my way through and let them correct me. Basic example: you can use 漂亮 to describe a person, clothes, or environment. But you can’t use 美丽 to describe a person. And you can use either 漂亮 or 美丽 to describe a voice or sound!

举 - lift above your head
提 - carry in one hand with the arm down
抬 - lift with two hands
掀 - lift up a cover/curtain
抱 - carry in the arms


!!! :cry:


however, my problem these weeks focuses on understanding technical projetcs… in specialized terminology the individual pictograms vary their meanings considerably… also, speaking about directions, sizes, standards, component, everythings is very different from what one gets in classes, manuals, memrises … ufff…

memrise@discoursemail.com wrote:

Oh wow, that does sound super tricky. It’s hard enough to manage tech projects in one’s native language!

Thanks for your hard work in setting up a new course. I’m about to finally finish HSK5 vocabulary, and am looking to progress into HSK6 territory. Can I ask: what is the advantage of this course over the established Maltronikus course?

Thanks for your note. I set the course up because some folks had requested an HSK 6 that tested on Chinese with English prompts. There’s a few other courses, including the Maltronikus course, that test both ways.

For some, that’s preferred. For me, it effectively doubles the number of items so you have to learn 5000 as opposed to 2500.

Since I myself just finished up taking BenWhately’s HSK 5, I wanted to continue with the same approach but there wasn’t an HSK 6 that only tested on Chinese.

Ah okay great. Yeah I agree that’s an improvement via simplicity. Previously, I was thinking of taking the Maltronikus but only doing the English -> Chinese levels.

Another question: how’s the ordering of vocabulary configured? One issue I’ve had with the HSK5 course was the ordering: sometimes I learned compound words before I learned the individual characters.

Vocab is in frequency order (by most common -> least common) as provided by HSK here.

(*edited an awkwardly phrased sentence)

Good news:

Note that when ordering by frequency, characters used within a word were, if necessary, moved before they are used, e.g. 少 is placed just before 多少 even though 少 is less frequent.

Cool. Good to know!

By the way, it seems that when you separated the vocabulary into levels, it didn’t wipe my progress after all, which is great :slight_smile:

:sweat_smile: Phew!

Only thing that will change from now on is the adding of audio, but that shouldn’t impact progress.

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Cool :slight_smile:

Would you mind making it so that the pinyin is shown after you answer a question correctly, like in some of the other Chinese courses?

Hey there, I’ve made the update to always show pinyin.
(I also increased font size of the characters.)

Let me know if this is what you were looking for or if I missed a check box! :smile:

Looks like it worked. Thanks! :slight_smile: I don’t suppose there’s a good way to increase the size of the pinyin when it’s shown in this way?

好的 I think I increased the pinyin size. Let me know if it looks okay. :relaxed: