[Course Forum] HSK 5 BLUE by BenWhately

Seeing as nobody has done this yet and I have contributor access to this course, I am taking it upon myself to make the course forum for this course.

Keep in mind that there are two courses with this name. This is the course with the BLUE course picture:

course link: http://www.memrise.com/course/1214/hsk-level-5-2/

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Question for you guys.

For those a good ways into HSK 5, do you find your retention better or worse than in the previous levels? I’m about to start and recalled that HSK 5 is not ordered by building blocks like the previous courses were. Since i’ve always found it helpful knowing the smaller building blocks and sometimes even radicals in understanding the logic behind a word or character, i’m just curious if it’s not as big an issue as it seems. I remember myself or someone else started a topic in the old forums about this and forgot how it turned out. Many thanks!

绳子 - for this word, you need to type “rope, string” in its entirety. Just typing “rope” won’t work.


Should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Great. 苗条 needs fixing too.


概念 is being ruined by the dreaded commas again.

Also, could you accept “grand” for 伟大?

Thanks yet again.

Fixed!!! :hamburger:

Hi Drew! I used to be a contributor for Chinese, but it stopped working a few years back. If you are still correcting, 借口 should be translated as a noun as well, “excuse” and “pretext”, now it’s just the long form “to use as an excuse” which is kind off long to write… :slight_smile:

Also if you want help, you can add me as a contributor on HSK5! :birthday:

Wish you the best,

I’ve made the changes and made you a contributor.

Thanks! That is a great relief, I have been on this course for a hundred years, would be great to get it in shape.

Hi all,
I think I found an error: 巧妙 should be “clever”, and not “marvelous”, even though 妙 alone is wonderful. That is what I saw in Pleco and Google Translator, anyway :slight_smile:
Thanks for managing this course!

Hi all,

Thanks for the work maintaining this course. Here’s a little bug I’ve found, which is mildly amusing…


Hi there.

I have recently been learning a bunch of the words, but I am curious as to how you guys have best been using this course. Have you also been making a dictionary of the words as you go along, or just rushed through the course and done lots of reviews afterwards?

Please share your experiences!

Personally, I just rushed through. Memrise worked well for recognition but can’t help with application. I relied on other sources to to help me learn how to apply the words, which clicked a lot more easily after memorizing rough translations through Memrise.

Hmm, and did you do both courses, blue and the other one where we type in the answers using the chinese keyboard?

Nope, no need. Since my goal was recognition and pronunciation, I would just say the words out loud when I answered the questions. I found Memrise ill-suited for anything beyond this.

I see, this is my main goal anyway really. Once you start recognizing the words, you can always enforce them and make sure you can use the vocab through reading books/newspapers/poems, watching tv shows, listening to music/radio/podcasts and other exposure, right?

Thanks for sharing and replying, it’s a big help even though it may not seem like much. :slight_smile:

Drew, what resources did you use outside Memrise to learn how to employ these words? Thanks for any suggestions.

That depends on how far my learning has gotten. When I was in the lower levels, Memrise could have made up a larger portion of my studying than it did in previous levels and I could supplement it mostly with practice HSK tests. As I got into the higher levels, I had to shift away from flashcards and just use them as a way of supplementing the rest of my learning. No matter what, I need to get practice in all of the 4 language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. For me right now, I’m married to chinese person so that gets a lot of the skills right then and there. But I like to use Chinese TV shows while I play menial phone games and sometimes I’ll try to read some chinese books or surf around chinese social media too.