[Course Forum] "Herbs & Spices" by Jezza11

Dear @MemriseSupport

I would like to become a contributor to the following course (I’m not sure it’s abandoned):

Herbs & Spices (47 words)

by @Jezza11, who is unfortunately not on this forum.

Primarily, I would like to add sound to the course and expand it a bit. If you put me in touch with her/him (i.e. share my contact email address with her/him), I would potentially also be interested in working on some of her/his other courses.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best wishes,

Hi @Dumani, we’ve reached out to the creator and will get back to you within 7 days.

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Hi @Dumani,

My preferred course of action is to create a Private Message thread for just the two of you to discuss common interest courses you are editing.

(This is what I have done with some shared Italian courses.)

And also create a [Course Forum] for all his/her French courses where you can post comments of wider interest, like “course now has audio” or “new levels added”

Finally, it would be helpful to amend the course description to point to the [Course Forum].

@DW7 That’s an even better plan, thank you. I guess we just wait and see for now if she/he replies.

Your support is much appreciated!

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Many thanks for your comments @Dumani,

If you become a Contributor and the Creator is no longer around, then check to see if there are any other Contributors who would be interested to discuss it in a Private thread.
(Actually they might like to join in with the Creator as well.)

If you become the sole custodian of the course, then just do the last two suggestions - ie create a [Course Forum] and point to it in the description.

Finally ideally this thread would have been best under the “Abandoned Courses” title, but thankfully the team spotted it and have kindly actioned it.
(I might even be able to move this whole thread for you, once the team reply - of course!
Or perhaps better, rename this thread to the [Course Forum] adding the [Course Forum] and “by Jezza11”, (as the preferred format.)

All the best (feel free to ask for clarification or help.)

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Hi @Dumani, you have now been added as contributor to this course.

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@MemriseSupport That’s great, perfect, thank you! Should I, in the future, have the interest of taking over any of her other courses, do I need to open a new thread for each of them?

@DW7 Sorry for the late reply! I’d be happy to move this entire thread to the Abandoned Courses Section, now that it’s officially abandoned. I will definitely consider asking other contributors to join me, once I’ve played around with it a bit. :wink:

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Hi @Dumani,

I think this :arrow_down: is probably the easiest thing to do (with this thread) and less confusing as the course is now supported by you.

Yes please list under Abandoned Courses. You can try and tag the creator there too, if they are on the community forum.


@DW7 Done! Hope this is how you meant it. :grinning:

Thanks again for your help!

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