[Course Forum] Henle Second Year Latin by BartGR

Great thanks to @bartgr for setting this course up.

I have found two spelling/typing errors.
1. Lesson 1 - liberty should be libertas, libertatis
2. Lesson 2 - nearest, next should be proximus, a, um

It does not look like @bartgr is still active and around. Is there a way to become a contributor to the course so I can make corrections for my Henle Latin II students?

Tagging @Lien, she usually helps with this type of questions.


Thanks for the tag!

Inserting the link to the course so it’s clear for everyone: https://www.memrise.com/course/519657/henle-second-year-latin/

I emailed BartGr to invite him to the conversation here. To minimise the disruption in your learning meanwhile, I have corrected the 2 reported errors.

I’ll update you here as soon as I hear back from BartGr. Please remind me if it stays quiet.

Have a great weekend,


Thanks @Lien!

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Hi! I haven’t been around here for a long time. In fact, I was unaware of the existence of this forum untill I received Lien’s email. Thanks for spotting the typos. I hope you enjoy the course.

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First I want to thank you for this website! It has been a wonderful tool for my Latin students! We have found 3 errors in the Henle First Year Latin course created by BartGr. I didn’t find a thread for the First Year Latin course so I thought I would post this here. I really like this course and find it to be a very thorough course. I only bring up the minor errors in an attempt to be helpful since this course has been so helpful to us.

  1. The course says that “at” in Latin is “and” in English, in the Henle book it says that “at” in Latin is “but” in English.
  2. The course has “-ne” as a “participle” and the Henle book says “-ne” is a “particle.”
  3. The course has a verb that is spelled “pervevio” and it should be spelled “pervenio.”
    Like I said, very minor typographical errors in an otherwise stellar course! I have noticed the attention to detail that has been put into this course and only bring this up to be of assistance. Thank you so much!